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  1. I just sent you an email 

  2. Sorry, help if I follow the topic. 44" rig. 4 5/8" barrels
  3. Sweet!! Thank you so much guys! I'm going to do a leather cover anyways, just want to make sure it's legal.
  4. My 73 has a rubber butt plate. Is this SASS legal? I can't find anything in the rules that says its not as long as it was made of materials of the time. I know rubber has been around for a long time, but I don't know when it began being used on rifle butt plates. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I'm about an hour south of Abilene. (Brownwood). Thank you so much for the offer, but 2.5 hours one way is a bit far for me right now. I really do appreciate the welcome everyone!
  6. Looking for a 73 and 97 shotgun style butt cover and a rig for a pair of NMV .357 with 4 5/8" barrels. 44" on middle hole.
  7. Well, I got my start today! I joined SASS, got my Uberti Compitition 73($500 and a Mossberg 500!) and I already had my 97 Winchester. Just waiting on my SASS edition Vaqueros to come in from John Barleycorn!
  8. I can't speak to the validity of the Ruger Loads, but I do know that the TC can handle "suped" loads. Also, TC pistols can accept the rifle barrel and vice-a-versa. (however I would not do(you just created an unregistered SBR)) The TC's chambers are oversized to handle hotter loads.
  9. I'm in Central Texas, Abilene area. I have plans to make it out on the 3rd Saturday.
  10. Why I want to join... I have always loved the old west and the guns and just st discovered the sport. I have just recently started a new venture in my life (Divorce) and starting my new life, I have the freedom to do what I want for once. I am truly a new person. Just waiting on payday to join.
  11. Howdy pards, I'm new here. Been lurking in the background for a while now. I have started to gather up the guns I need. I was able to acquire a 97 Winchester, now I'm looking for a pair o' pistols and a '73 Winchester and some leather. I really like the vaqueros. I think I want .357. I'm very motivated to start. I found a local club and I'll be headed out in three weeks. Help a pard out! Not looking for a hand out, just some used equipment so I don't spend an arm and a leg.
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