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  1. Mainly looking for a gun belt, but I'm not 100% sure what size I need. If I don't wear a belt I can keep 34inch pants up, if I'm carrying concealed I need 36inch.
  2. I'd love to see how this thing does the top break action.
  3. Anyone have a short barrel Sheriffs model you would let go?
  4. Been looking for one of these for a while, I figured maybe one of you gents might have one. If so please message me
  5. Nice grab. It was calling my name all day, not sure how much longer I would have lasted.
  6. So basically take some of the arch out? Wouldn't that leave the loading gate 'sunken in' and have a gap?
  7. What do you mean re-arch the loading gate lever arm? I will probably deburr the inside of the loading gate. And I always cut the coil main springs on my Marlins and only leave 3 inches hanging out.
  8. I'm with ya there. Actually I just wish someone would make a copy of the original .44 Henry in center fire and then make a copy of the original for that caliber. I mean my thought is people that buy reproductions of firearms are not going to be worried with having to reload for the ammo.
  9. Wanna talk about a pain loading the first round. Try a lightly used 1970's Marlin 1894. Dang things will take some of your finger with them.
  10. Because that is what came on the original. Not sure why Uberti didn't go all the way. Seems like an amazingly small detail that would be cheap(er) to get correct.
  11. Guys that's not my gun, its going on a new Uberti. I'm just showing that picture to show the flat loading gate I'm wanting.
  12. Maybe worth mentioning: I went back through all the 2.5cc dipper black powder loads and increased the crimp of them 1/4 a turn of the die. This is as much as I want to go without me feeling like I'm over stressing the brass. I dropped several in my SAA chambers and they dropped right in and fell out so I don't think it's too much but might help with blow back.
  13. What work and grief is there to get the 1866 to shoot 45 Colt black powder? Sounds like no extra grief to me.
  14. Perfect, I'll just throw 44-40s into this rifle.
  15. I'm wanting to see if it is possible for anyone to make a flat loading gate like below for a Uberti.
  16. I'm more worried about the internals. Will I need to take the side plates off each time I shoot to clean inside?
  17. Yes I should what? I am shooting 250gr with what I would say is a hard crimp. See below, maybe I am wrong. I could run them all through to add more crimp if needed. The load is ffg @ 36gr through a drop tube.
  18. Well I'm wanting to shoot some holy black out of my 1866 but it's in 45 Colt so I know there will be a lot of blow back. What can I expect if I shoot it with black powder and should I?
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