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  1. I have a short stroked Uberti 1873 with a Slix flat trigger.  Made a world of difference to me when it came to shooting the rifle especially on targets requiring multiple hits.

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    9 hours ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    The term "Commonly available" is mentioned four times in the manual - once as "Adjustable sight revolver REAR sights may be replaced with commonly available sights of the same size and type.", twice as "Must be in a caliber commonly available in revolvers.", and once as a definition in the Glossary of Terms as "Commonly available - obtainable by anyone given ordinary circumstances with ordinary means.", which leaves the terms "ordinary circumstances" and "ordinary means" up for debate. :lol:

    Selling a kidney for a brick of SP Federal primers is pretty "ordinary" these days.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Preacherman said:

    I was kind of surprised as he told me that if they'll chamber, shoot 'em.

    I've been casting for about 14 years and that is sound advice. 


    Most experts will say you need to slug your bore/revolver throats, but I have found that in the end if it won't smoothly chamber nothing else really matters.  Go with the largest diameter cast bullet that will smoothly chamber in all your guns of that caliber and you will be fine (YMMV).

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  4. Potential bad outcomes are difficult or impossible to chamber rounds.  I check all my ammo in a chamber checker, if it drops in smoothly it will feed smoothly (in theory).


    Just FYI the stick on wheel weights are almost pure lead and are ideal for black powder and subs.  The clip on ones will work for SASS level loads in both smokeless and black powder, but you might find the softer lead produces less/easier to clean fouling.  Also softer lead will cast slightly smaller, so if your goal is to avoid sizing this might be your best bet.  Be careful of the zinc wheel weights.

  5. Unless your friend has the knowledge and ability to restore the rifle like Turnbull any refinishing or rebluing will hurt the value to a collector. 


    It sounds like the rifle is already a functioning shooter, and in its original condition, even poor condition it has value to both a collector and a shooter.  Home refinish will remove any collector value and is unlikely to add anything to somebody just looking for a shooter.

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  6. Maybe not helpful, but I have seen a handful of shooters using both 9mm and 45auto in both rifles and convertible Rugers.  When it was discussed everyone agreed that the rifles/revolvers were still the same caliber (i.e. diameter), so long as they were not shooting in a category that specifically required a "rimmed" cartridge why did it matter what case pushed the bullet?


    It would be an easy argument to make that a 38/357/9mm is far more common and available in revolvers than traditional WCF cartridges such as 32-20 and 38-40.  Heck when I first started SASS in 2017 I tried ordering a pair of Ubertis in 44-40 from both Taylors and Cimarron and neither could get me a pair.

  7. I'll be honest I didn't know there was anything other than red chili until this thread.


    3-4lbs of ground beef or venison, diced tomatoes, onion, pintos or no beans at all, jar of one's preferred salsa, salt and pepper to taste. 


    Chili is supposed to be cheap and feed a lot of people, guys that use nice cuts of meat in their chili aren't making it right IMHO.

  8. 23 hours ago, Wade Butcher said:

    (I'm skipping the Colts for now.)

    Just out of curiosity why are you choosing to skip Colts?  Current production 3rd Gens are very high quality, beautiful case colors, nice fit and finish.  The actions are stiff for SASS use, but all of the ones I have handled are properly timed and function properly. 

  9. 38 minutes ago, John Boy said:

    July, face facts ….. if non stock firearms are going to give you the capability to win belt buckles and championships, slick them up … otherwise forget about slicking them up, because your wasting your money and wait times at the gunsmiths

    Not sure were this is coming from, but regardless of skill level I think most can appreciate a well tuned action.  The purpose of this thread was simply to acquire names and sources of firearms that are ready to go out of the box.

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  10. I have a few new shooters that are interested in this sport but the idea of buying guns to then immediately ship them off to a gunsmith is not to their liking.  I try and tell them they can get into this sport with stock guns, but the problem is they have already tried out and borrowed "tuned" guns and know what a huge difference it makes. 


    I am aware of Long Hunter, but are there any other gunsmiths or gunshops that sell new guns that are ready for SASS right out of the box?  I understand a lot of SASS gunsmiths have an inventory of used guns with action work, but I am mainly looking for a list of shops or smiths that deal in selling new firearms with action work already performed. 



  11. Sorry for your loss. 


    Does anyone on here personally know the person (Mckenzie Gillies) who organized the gofundme?  I'd like to make a donation, but just want to make sure this person is a friend or family member first. 

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  12. 4 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    OK, so what is this one?



    DSC_0001 (1).jpeg



    What is that?  Clearly a 73 receiver.  Is that a Henry transitional barrel assembly and forearm?  What is the brass I can see between the receiver and barrel assembly?

  13. Depends on how competitive you are.  Double duelist offers a lot of advantages, but only if you can get your off hand up to or at least close to the speed of your dominant hand.  I asked a similar question a little while back and in short you can be a really good duelist with one strong hand, but to be the best you need to go double.  I tried for a few months with lots of dry and live practice with a shot timer and even tried it out at a few monthlies.  End results for me was I better focus on being a really good single strong hand duelist.


    Edit:  Whenever End of Trail or Winter Range scores get posted I usually try to look up the various top duelist both by age based, Classic, and Frontiersman categories, the vast majority (at least judging by the youtube videos that get posted) of top duelists have invested the time to shoot double.

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