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  1. No photos yet, but 900 SF two story with mostly Powermatic machines, 66 table saw, 90 lathe, 50 jointer, 72 shaper, edge sander scmi wide belt sander, Murphy Rodgers dust collector system with 9" main line, pressurized finish spray booth, Bosch articulating 12 miter set into a 14 foot table with a Kregg stop fence. CNC carving machine, performax drum sander, 18" and 14" bandsaws , tons of clamps and a nice early 1900 parlor stove to keep it warm and burn the scraps. And with all this stuff I make high quality percision sawdust, with allot of mistakes.
  2. I did buy an AWA .45 and have been practicing with dummy rounds. It will fly when I get the timing correct. I have found that a dry lube is far better than a wet lube of the action, and windchester brass works better than star lite, might be the diameter is smaller ww brass.
  3. I misplaced a hot pistol of a wife once, never did find her. I have heard there was a bearcat in Colorado, it might be her.
  4. I use 68gr of black MZ under a 520 gr. 4 groove Lyman Speer point compressed with a .020 veggie wad. Match's the buffalo hunters load and is dead on the X at 225 yards. Kicks like a mule out of a 34 inch Quigly down under, but every one at the range stops and watches the smoke and fire. ;~).
  5. I am looking at buying one of these, did you guys get the feed problem worked out or is it still a problem. Thanks
  6. Yes mam, that is how I do it. Each pattern gives you a better choice of shooting style.
  7. I used it for a few years until I change to stainless steel pins. I worked fine, just don't deprine. I had no problem with the 45lc but the 38's needed a little help getting Uncle Ben out of the case if he got a little compacted. A few drops of liquid car wax put a great shine on them also. The lizard bedding is a bit hard to get out also, been there done that. So the best I have ever used is a Home made tumbler, 2.5 lbs of SS pins, dawn soap and a table spoon of Limyshine in a plastic apple sause jar. The brass comes out looking like new inside and out, primers pockets and flash hole clean as a whistle.
  8. I load for my wife and use 127gr rn from Badman Bullets, 3.5 gr. of Tite group with federal mag. primers. We used the same in her 38's and both our Rossi 92's and with the oal of 1.5 they feed as fast as the 92 will run with out any stove pipes. They have good power to knock down any row of plates and don't hurt her hands or shoulder after a 5 stage match.
  9. Shipping cost $12.98 so let's just say $10 plus the price of the WahMaker pants for a total of $45.


    If you do PayPal, my email address is gunsmoke928@yahoo.com


    If you prefer a money order, my address is 

    Steve Powell

    28465 Powell Road 

    Madison, AL 35756


    Just let me know how you prefer 


    1. Major General Shagnasty

      Major General Shagnasty

      I will do pay-pal, I will send it out on Saturday,


    2. Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      Conley' Pettamore SASS51892

      I recd the PayPal funds and shipped your pants. UPS tracking number 1z976y040318441416



  10. If you would send me your address, I will get you a shipping quote.




    Steve Powell

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