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  1. Several years ago I ran into a guy that could source some sheephorn big enough to make grips for my Ruger Bisleys.  I had enough made to complete all my "keeper" guns.  In the interim, I ran across 2 pair of Sambar, which I prefer, so these 2 pair were never used.  They are pictured on the only stock Bisley frame I have, as can be seen, they have some over/under hang as pictured.  I fit all my natural material grips, so this never bothered me, but just being clear these aren't perfect fit grips and may need to be fit/adjusted/etc.  $300 shipped for the 4 slabs and 2 screws(2 guns), price is what I have in them and is firm.  First I'll take it posted here gets it.  I prefer Paypal friends and family, but a personal check snail mailed will do.  Thanks for looking.   











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  2. 1) 9 misc. buckles as pictured.  The bagged clip points are for 1 3/4" for size comparisons. $40 shipped for all

    2) Sterling buckle set.  The leather billet it's on, is 7/8" wide. $85 shipped


    Someone wants both lots, I'd go $115 shipped.


    Prefer Paypal friends and family, will accept personal checks, first I'll take "X" gets it.  Thanks.





  3. These are a G-10/Micarta material.  They will need finished.  The locating pin hole has not been drilled and the upper angle slot on the back side would need minor clearancing.  Obviously final shaping/sanding/polishing as you desire.  They would make excellent, virtually indestructible grips.  The last picture shows the amount of rounding required on a stock Ruger Bisley grip frame, the black line and all above would need to be removed.  Round butting grip frames is SASS legal.  Selling as 2 pair (2 guns, 4 grip panels) only.  $100 shipped.  Paypal friends and family or personal checks only please.  First I'll take it posted here gets it.  Thanks.







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  4. I just unloaded mine before we went on base, put it in an "inaccessible while driving" place, and went about my tourist duties.


    Its an awesome place to visit. I highly recommend spending the money to "fly" the simulator, barrels rolls, loops, it's a hoot! I'd go back just for that! We never made the second building....lots to see.

  5. There is a lot of painting being done here with a broad brush and that always get's annoying and could turn a prospective BP shooter away.(whether the OP or someone else reading) The OP left the survey kind of open, asking only which hardness is preferred, setting no other qualifications. I took/take that to assume a typical 5 or 6 stage match. Also assuming that they probably already reload their ammo. For the "non-enthusiast" BP shooter, someone looking to "dip their toe in", perfectly acceptable results can be found easier than casting up or hunting up a supplier that makes soft bullets. He also didn't specify that he's loading for an odd throated/chambered/bored relic. Hardcast bullets, that he already has, with subs, can most likely be loaded on his existing tooling with virtually no changes. For BP (and pushing the easy button), a lube wad can be added. This isn't a Bullseye game. The guns need to run for 5 or 6 stages and hit large, close steel. Our prospective shooter may want to indulge in chasing lube rings/stars at the muzzle and shooting a 2 or 3 day match with no/minimal cleaning, but that isn't necessary to compete successfully with BP/subs. Nothing wrong with the nostalgia of "that's the way they did back when" or loading for guns that may need special care or for the guy that likes sitting in front of the lead pot, but it's not necessary for most CAS competitions and I've been competing in CAS with BP since the early 90's.

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  6. Hard. Whatever commercial bullet in the weight I'm looking for. But I only shoot full case BP loads with a lube wad and in Rugers with the throats properly sized to the caliber. IMO, there's more to the discussion than just the hardness of the bullet when loading BP(or subs).

  7. Price(s) are shipped, first I'll take "X" posted to the thread get's it. Thanks for looking.


    1) 40 S&W 1000 new Starline $140


    2) 444 Marlin RP (Remington) NICKEL. 89 new cases. $70


    3) Sold Pending Funds. 375 Winchester. All WW-Super (Winchester). 300 new, bagged. 60 new, in 20rd boxes. 61 once fired in 20 round boxes.(one of the boxes is the old one marked "Big Bore 94") 421 total. $230


    4) Sold Pending Funds. 243 Winchester. Frontier headstamp (Hornady I believe) 100 new bagged.(I actually counted 102...not counting them twice) $45


    5) 7mm Magnum. 73 new R-P(Remington), 60 R-P once fired, 19 Winchester NICKEL once fired. $80


    6) 7MM Magnum Hornady Custom grade, New dimension die set new in shrink wrap. $30



    This is also from my Dad's accumulation.


    Blued Taurus Thunderbolt in 45 Colt with a 26" barrel. It was new in the box until I just ran several full magazines through it.(I haven't found any paperwork, if it came with any) These guns are notorious for not running right, so I wanted to see before I listed it. It ran my 200 RNFP smokeless CAS load without issue, as fast or slow as I wanted to go until I was bored with it.(I'm not a pump shooter)


    Price(s) are shipped to your FFL, first I'll take it posted to the thread get's it. All trade offers considered, but please, PM me an actual offer, i.e. "I'll trade you X and this much boot money for X". I'm not looking for anything special right now, but you never know. Thanks for looking.









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