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  1. They don't show them as available on their website...
  2. No sir. I as I said in the original post, if I have it, It's in the pics. I'm not aware of any action work. It's a fine shooting gun, but it's the gun and clips.
  3. Thanks. Screwed it up in the edit for #2 being sold. Its one of those mornings.
  4. Time to let a few of these go that just aren't getting used. All prices shipped from an individual(me) to your FFL. If "I have it and it's included", it's in the pics, no other boxes, grips, small children, etc. unless specifically posted in the individual description. If you need it shipped through an FFL on my end it'll be $30 extra, if it's going to California it'll be $50 extra. First "I'll take X" posted here get's it. If you need to see some other view specifically, PM your email address and I will endeavor to fulfill your request. Items in bold are still available, all others sold pending funds. Thanks. 1) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Consecutive serial number pair of SS Sheriff length (3 7/8") Ruger Bisley's in 45 colt. These were a limited distributor run and the boxes are marked 45colt/45ACP. THERE ARE NO ACP CYLINDERS. Fired very little, easily less than 100 rounds per gun. $1700 2) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Pair of early (56 prefix) B/CCH Ruger "original" Vaquero's in 357, 4 5/8" barrels. These have aluminum grip frames installed to lighten the guns and lighter springs in the action. Ejector rod housings have been beveled for reholstering, front sights have been lowered and the back face serrated. Very good condition, bores and chambers bright. $1700 3)SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Pair of Ruger SS "original" Vaquero's in 44-40 with 4 5/8" barrels. These were limited run gun and have been converted to Bisley grip frame. Cylinders and ejector rod housings beveled for reholstering, brass front sight "wraps", Eagle buffalo horn checkered gunfighter grips and lighter action springs. $2650 4) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Pair of Ruger SS Bisley "original" Vaquero's in 45 colt. 5 1/2" barrels. Brass front sight "wraps", Ajax ivory polymer grips, lighter action springs and tasteful(no alias) engraving on the backstraps. $2100 5) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Pair of Ruger SS Bisley "original" Vaquero's in 357. 5 1/2" barrels. Ajax ivory polymer grips, lighter action springs. $2100 6) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Taurus SS model 450. 5 shot 45 colt 2" barrel, ported, pocket rocket. Could be a great carry gun, I just end up carrying other guns and never bought a holster to try it. $675 7) Smith and Wesson 629 Performance Center SS 44 mag. PRE LOCK 629-5. Eagle Sambar Stag grips. 2 5/8" barrel. Cut for moon clips, 3 clips included(ammo NOT included). Shows some light handling marks from carry, shot very little, overall very good condition. $2100 8) SOLD PENDING FUNDS. AH Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga. double barrel. 22" barrel's, double trigger, beautiful uncut wood, bright bores, crack in pistol grip cap. Nice, tight gun. $650 9) SOLD PENDING FUNDS, Stoeger chrome(?) coachgun. Factory silver finish, whatever it is. Some discoloration around the action that didn't clean up with normal gun solvents. I bought it with this discoloration and it's gotten no worse or better. This has had a light action job and slightly beveled chambers, runs great and has been 100% reliable, but it is not "super fall open when I look at it slick". Safety is manual only, nice recoil pad. $675 Trade interests: RUGER #3 45-70, RUGER HAWKEYE PISTOL, RUGER 357 MAXIMUM, BROWNING 71 CARBINE, BROWNING 1895 30-40, BROWNING B78 6MM REM OCTAGON, H&K P7 M13, BREN TEN, BROWNING MEDALIST, COLT MATCH TARGET 22 4”, BROWNING BSS SPORTER 12 GA, MARLIN 1894CB 32 H&R MAG, MARLIN 67 256 WIN MAG, REISING M50 Thanks for looking.
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