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    old west guns, handmade boots, leather jackets, Harleys, good hats, good dogs, fine horses, and pretty much anything that is expensive that I never could afford when I was younger and some I cant afford now

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  1. Dadburnit, I hate stuff like this worse than poison. I like my animals more than I like most people.
  2. the other day I was in the clothing section of wal mart and a random female came out of the dressing room, (she was probably 20 years younger than me) and asked me if the jeans she was trying on made her rearend look large, ( I aint kiddin, neither!), and I said to her, bein the smart mouth that I have always been, No Maam, your big butt makes your butt look big. She called me a rude old bas-ard and stalked off. It just don't pay to be honest no more.
  3. I understand the desire to want to know where you came from, but the other side of that particular coin is it could stir up things that are best left un-stirred.
  4. Man proposes, God disposes, the weather is Gods province, man has no say in it...….
  5. Why is it always "cerebral" and never "medulla oblongata-ish" or "cerebellum-ish"?
  6. HMMMM, I don't know, maybe "bi-western"?
  7. Million to one shot, Doc, Million to one!
  8. I been in a few when I was younger, I don't remember them bein THAT entertaining!
  9. I asked this question on another thread, but it deserves one of its own, and Im sure Im not the first to ask it, . However, my query was, can George Peppard be considered a western movie star? Or DeForrest Kelley or Leonard Nimoy??
  10. Easy, Pards, I don't want to start no feudin!
  11. What is this WIFE thing you speak of?! Don't misunderstand I dearly loves the wimmens, but a womans heart is as hard a stone as God put on this Earth, I can find no track on it. "Bearclaw" Chris Lapp
  12. Come to think of it Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy were "western" before they went into space to find new worlds and new civilizations.
  13. Incidentally, Does George Peppard qualify as a western movie actor or is that another thread?
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