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  1. If you had room for press number 2 I was at a shop 2 days ago that had a rcbs single stage for less than what I've bought used 650 conversions for. Lots of cowboys have helped me over the years and I'd be honored to ship it to you on me if you paid for the press alone once you receive it. It was 50 bucks
  2. I'm also guessing, could be wrong, that those are 4 click guns. If they are then the hammers would fetch 300 easily. Might want to ask him some questions and seriously think about it. 1 used ruger would not be much cheaper.
  3. Gattling gun? I used to do civil war reenacting with a guy who owned one he used to live fire at knob creek. He did load on a dillon
  4. Bought my son a yildiz 410 side by side new that came with 5 choke tubes last fall I think it came from academy sports. Less than 500 new with selectable barrel for first shot I couldn't buy it fast enough
  5. no offense intended, I sell and buy a lot of guns online. my local dealers will mail hand guns for around 20 to 25 dollars usps that is their fee and the shipping, most of the time they can flat rate ship 1 gun, but i have at least 5 local shops that will do it for this price. might try calling around, just a suggestion
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