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  1. On 11/26/2022 at 4:44 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    All I use in SASS is Unique. 

    That said, I don't load 'fly-fart' loads either.

    In my .44's, I use 6.5gn of Unique under a 240gn moly coated RNFP, in a .44 mag case and firm roll-crimp. 



    Finally made it home and found the info.  It was 45 Colt, 200 gr RFN, 6.8 gr Unique.  Is that under-loaded? 

  2. 12 minutes ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Then it was under-loaded in the powder charge. 

    Bbl cyl gaps don't close up with smokeless. 

    What was the charge weight and bullet weight used?


    I might have that information at home.  Since I didn't like the loads, I didn't see a need to make note of the recipe.  If it's anywhere it might still be on one of the boxes.  I'm pretty sure it was a 200gr bullet.  I know it was loaded in the 700-750 FPS range and that's where I like my power.  Initially he was making some loads for me that went about 500 fps and I had to ask him for something more stout.  So if that's under-loaded for unique it still means I'd rather not use it.  I guess if I'm forced to use it, I'll keep this in mind and try something a little faster. 


    BTW, I should have said guns in that last post, not gun.  both pistols were doing it.  Never had it happen with the red dot or HP-38 loads. 

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  3. 17 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    If you are getting side splatter, you may well have a bbl to cyl gap issue, or index timing issue.


    Had a gunsmith check the gun out and it was fine.  No signs of shaving and he tested it with some tissue paper and his own loads and got nothing.  Plus, I doubt the cylinder gap would close up just because the powder changed. 


    17 hours ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    none of them cause "side spatter". Lead shaving isn't caused by the powder,


    It was definitely powder.  Little round flakes all over my hands and the table.  I actually thought it was lead but the RO looked at it the mess I left closely a few times over the course of the match and finally asked what kinda powder I was using because it sure looked like a bunch of unburnt Unique to him.  I had to go back to my cart and look at the box to see he guessed right. 


  4. 1 hour ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    look for Unique


    Unique is pretty much non-existent too.  But I think my guy loaded some with unique and I didn't like them.  I got a lot of side splatter through the cylinder gap and since I'm a funfighter that meant it was hitting my hand.  It was a little unnerving. 


    1 hour ago, Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971 said:



    I did get my hands on some of this. 


    1 hour ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    just Google cast bullets as well


    Yeah I did that, and that's why I'm asking here.  Other than the big name stores like brownells (who is out of almost everything), I don't know who's a reputable dealer.  So thanks everyone for the leads.  Keep em comin.  All help is appreciated. 


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  5. I'm about to start rolling my own and I don't know any good places to get boolits.  I tried the usual suspects like brownells, and all they had was something from hornady.  I went ahead and got some to get me started but I figure there must be better places. 


    I shoot 45 colt with that new fangled smokeless powder if that matters to ya. 


    As a side note if you have a secret honey hole for Red Dot I'd like to know that too.  The load I've been using since I started is Red Dot. Unfortunately the gentleman who used to load them for me got out of it and sold off all of his components. 

  6. On 6/22/2021 at 4:23 PM, Jersey Kid, SASS #287 said:


    2001 - Outlaw Pete, The Jersey Kid, Bobby Carradine, Trinidad Slim, Bob Gangi (COWS) Pierre Bessez (President of Stetson) Cole Younger



    Trinidad slim is that tall feller in the back?  Boy he sure looks familiar. 



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  7. On 5/29/2021 at 10:04 PM, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



    Not sure if that's really the same girl, but if it is, she has every reason to be smiling.  She sold the rights to that disaster girl meme for a lot.  $500,000. 



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  8. On 5/9/2021 at 9:33 AM, Capt. James H. Callahan said:

    We had a dog that would chew the squeaker out of toys. Guess they got on his nerves.



    We got one that does that.  We think he's trying to save it.  There is no annoyance when a squeaker is activated just undivided attention.  Our newest puppy only seems to ever squeak her toys to antagonize him.  He'll stop playing and try to nap, and she'll go squeak a toy.  Looks right at him when she squeaks it. 


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  9. On 5/4/2021 at 12:34 PM, Black Angus McPherson said:


    Just the dogs.  The cats don't listen and don't care.  :D




    I tell my dogs the cat is in charge while I'm gone.  It's important to have a clear chain of command. 

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  10. On 4/29/2021 at 11:22 AM, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Here! I hope it shows up.

    700 Acts of Love ideas in 2021 | crazy cats, cute animals, acts of love


    I learned somewhere that cat's purrs have healing properties.  If they find something else in distress they will cuddle with it and start purring to help it heal.  If that's true, when your cat sits in your lap and purrs, it's because it wants to help you heal. 

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  11. On 4/20/2021 at 2:55 PM, Derringer Dan said:

    And a three-fer...



    I love it.  Our cat often camps out on the biggest dog pillow which means one of the dogs has to sack out on the floor.  We try to convince the dogs that the cat is just a deformed dog, but I think they're suspicious. 

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  12. Worst shock I ever got was from 24v AC.  It wasn't the shock itself that was so bad, but I didn't know what it was at first so i reached in further, my hand got lightly stuck on the circuit, and then when I realized what was happening I jerked away so hard that I cut open my hand on the edge of the cabinet. 


    Yeah boss, it's an electrical burn and no you can't look at it.  I need a bandage.  Displaying 8b89e40ae31020c5.jpgDisplaying 578d179a186f349c.jpgDisplaying c143aee52a1b25f1.jpeg

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  13. 21 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Like this girl?



    Well I guess you got to go to YouTube to watch that one. Cheech and Chong, and a girl snorting Ajax sink cleanser.


    That may be how it went down.  But to be honest, I thought snorting ajax was deadly*.  Seems like in TV shows and movies when you had someone die after snorting some coke it was always because it had been cut with drain cleaner.  (Which I'm sure the detectives could tell by the smell)



    *instantly deadly that is.  Not that snorting coke is a healthy choice. 





  14. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



    I think there is a number allowed before the RR will start putting up signs and lights and arms.  I heard it was something like 4 deaths per calendar year.  Though, I'm not positive if that's the RR or the local government doing that. 


    6 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



    I'd volunteer to be the one in front of her. 





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  15. I remember asking the pharmacist about what to do if I forget if I took the pill.  Basically is it better to over dose or under dose.  All she would say was "Don't do that".  OK sure, I don't plan to, but it is happening, and I just want to know which is safer.  "Don't forget". 


    Got the same from my doctor when I asked him, but he finally gave me an answer. 

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  16. 11 hours ago, Alpo said:

    That's cheating. You are on a computer, and have more options.


    I am on a phone, and as you can see I can only bold, or italic, or underline.



    Nobody likes me, this software hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms.



    Looks like they disabled all BBcode.  I poked around and don't see a way for us to turn it back on.  Usually there's an option to 'go advanced'.  You know what I'm going to miss most of all? 


    [spoiler] Spoiler Tags [/spoiler]


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  17. 49 minutes ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    Awwww, what a cutie. She sure landed on all four paws coming to your home. :wub:

    Does she have a name yet?


    Pets must earn their name.  For the time being It's Joe.  The one she is replacing was a female named charlie so it kinda seemed right to give her a name that's usually for boys. 


    It seems like Jojo or YoYo is going to be the one that sticks.  But we need to see more of her personality first. 

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