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  1. I'm with fretless on the importance of recoil over weight.  Maybe let her try some lightweight heavier recoiling guns and she might have a different opinion on the weight. 


    If you eschew my advice, then be prepared for the new guns to become YOUR new guns when your wife decides she likes your heavy old revolvers after all. 

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  2. I do not know how many of the stories I heard are true.  But amongst the more often heard stories are that there were up to 3 ADs on the set already before that happened, that the producers (alec) were cutting corners with the armorer and not only hired someone inexperienced, but had also told her not to be there that day. 


    If that stuff is true, he should be in trouble.  If it's not true, she's likely in trouble.  If she was told to not be there I imagine she'll throw him under the bus. 


    Also, I've heard from people who work in movies and they all say that you never actually point the gun at anyone.  They use camera tricks to make it look like you are.  So if nothing else he goofed there.

  3. 11 hours ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:

    I think most of the commentary here is about Alec Baldwin, the reviled person, not about what happened.


    He won't be charged criminally because he had no intent to injure or kill, and because he has sufficient defenses that a county prosecutor is highly unlikely to charge him with a crime, under all of the circumstances.


    I hold no brief for him as a man, but 44 years of practicing law leads me to believe that that will be the case. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'll have to figure out how to cook that chapeau before I eat it. Somhow, I think that Stetson will remain intact.


    This was Alec Baldwin's movie and as such he is responsible for the safety.  If he's charged criminally I would expect it to be because of that, not just because he pulled the trigger. 


    But he won't be.  He's not a commoner. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Alpo said:

    Pat, one more thing to consider.


    You ride a motorsickle. They stop a whole lot quicker than a car does. So if you're riding down the road on your 600 pound bike at 55 mph, and there's somebody about 4 feet behind you in a 4000 pound pickup truck, would that bother you?


    I tried to tailgate a motorscooter once.  Not as easy as you might think.  An hour later I think I saw them pulled in to a truck stop. 


  5. 14 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    An Aussie Flight Leftenant I knew in 'Nam used to to say "G'day, Cobber" to me and my bunk mate.  I never asked what "cobber" meant.  I was a afraid it would lead to bloodshed.


    Reminds me of working on the border and the mexicans I was working with started calling me wheto (or weto, or jueto ... I never met anyone who knew how it's spelled).  I asked what that meant and the only answer I got was that it was me so I stopped pushing it.  I didn't know if there was fixin to be a fight or what but it all turned out friendly.  Found out later it just means white boy.  No negative connotation by itself.  I started dating some girls down there and they called me wheto too. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    because the special characters can occur anywhere in the string of characters such that things like ABC/D/EF are possible, the solution multiplies by 8!/6!x2! = 28 (8 factorial, etc).


    you mean the 1.4 trillion number (64^6 * 5^2) gets multiplied by 28 because the special characters can be anywhere?  So now we're up to 39,760,164,908,800 before taking out the characters that are too similar, like oi1, etc.  Cool.  Can you explain how you figured 28 out?  I racked my brain and I never learned how to deal with anything this complex with this type of math. 


    5 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    because space is allowed and because it may occur anywhere in the string, the combinatoric result includes too many identical possibilities. I will use # instead of space to illustrate. ABCDEF## is identical to ##ABCDEF and #ABCDEF#, thus the final answer must subtract the number of times this can happen. Seriously, I don’t like ABC#DEF# either.


    You lost me here.  I must have missed whatever was said about spaces. 


    After your post he told us the special characters may not be used at all.  Is that what you mean?  That adds more possibilities.  I think that would just make the 5^2 into 6^2.  I'm going to guess 5 characters get removed for being problematic so now we're at 42,517,977,910,128 possible combinations.  Over 42 Trillion. 


    (59^6 * 6^2 * 28)

  7. 4 hours ago, John Kloehr said:

    As I read it, the field is 8 locations.


    The first 6 can be upper or lower case characters or a digit. So 62 possibilities per location. (Quibble: 0 and O look very similar and both are often pronounced "oh")


    The last two positions can be one of 5 special characters.


    Assuming any character can be repeated in the first 6 or last two positions.




    daggum it I forgot about capitalization.  as you can see i forget about it when i post too. 


    but now he's changed it up. 


    1 hour ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    Upper limits? Our in-house computer geek at that time estimated several million end combinations but he didn't have the means to narrow it down.


    My number was over 54 billion and it's orders of magnitude too low because I forgot capitalization.  The modfications will make it go even higher because they can be in any position, even if it removes some of the letters like o, O, i, I, and l

  8. I get 54,419,558,400




    36 possible entries in each of the first 6 slots, so 36*36*36*36*36*36

    5 possible entries in the last 2, so 5*5


    Now, if the 2 slots for special characters can be anywhere and not just in the last 2, then it gets higher.  I'd have to think a minute to cipher that out. 

  9. I'm not very bright.  I'm not sure it would occur to me to have the same ammo.  I lean towards 45 colt in the pistol and a big boy rifle cartridge like 40-60 or 45-70.  Unless I'm in a heavily wooded area, then maybe I'd have a pistol caliber rifle.  Or a lever action shotgun. 


    I know I went off book, but your title saying there are 2 choices only applied to the pistol. 

  10. I can't hardly wait.  I almost don't want to go to any matches before it gets here because I don't want to use my old ugly cart anymore. 



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  11. On 6/22/2021 at 4:23 PM, Jersey Kid, SASS #287 said:


    2001 - Outlaw Pete, The Jersey Kid, Bobby Carradine, Trinidad Slim, Bob Gangi (COWS) Pierre Bessez (President of Stetson) Cole Younger



    Trinidad slim is that tall feller in the back?  Boy he sure looks familiar. 



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  12. 15 hours ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    What's THAT? You Dont Like MY Bell Bottoms? - Bond Meme - quickmeme


    Is anyone else getting a sentence instead of a picture?  Getting it a lot in the memes thread too.  Like this.  "May be an image of blah blah with text".  Like what's doing that.  How does it know what the image and text are?  It's blowing my mind. 


    The funny thing is that most of the time the description is enough for me to enjoy the meme.  Especially if I've already seen one that fits the description. 



  13. On 5/29/2021 at 10:04 PM, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



    Not sure if that's really the same girl, but if it is, she has every reason to be smiling.  She sold the rights to that disaster girl meme for a lot.  $500,000. 



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  14. 18 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:




      .......... well, first off you use Vodka for 'taters ......... -_-


    That might not be kosher.  There's prohibitions against cooking meat in it's own blood or in it's mother's milk.  If that can be stretched to outlaw cheeseburgers I think it would apply here too. 


    Stick with whiskey to be safe. 

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  15. On 5/9/2021 at 9:33 AM, Capt. James H. Callahan said:

    We had a dog that would chew the squeaker out of toys. Guess they got on his nerves.



    We got one that does that.  We think he's trying to save it.  There is no annoyance when a squeaker is activated just undivided attention.  Our newest puppy only seems to ever squeak her toys to antagonize him.  He'll stop playing and try to nap, and she'll go squeak a toy.  Looks right at him when she squeaks it. 


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  16. On 5/4/2021 at 12:34 PM, Black Angus McPherson said:


    Just the dogs.  The cats don't listen and don't care.  :D




    I tell my dogs the cat is in charge while I'm gone.  It's important to have a clear chain of command. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, Alpo said:

    islamicslavery.thumb.jpeg.38e536705a41defa4ab7bf6d1ad92825.jpg.ee2e5481c17796abc908c90ee67bce8b.jpgNot sure whether ol' Stefan there is an idiot, or whether he is in advertising or some other propaganda industry.

    "Slavery in America lasted 84 years." Hmmm. Well if we take 1865, when slavery officially stopped, and subtract 84 years, we get 1781. That's when the war ended and we officially became the United States.

    So he's counting slavery in America from the beginning of the United States. The 150 years or so of African slavery by the English in America doesn't count. The hundred years before that of Indian slavery by the Spanish doesn't count. And the thousands of years before that of Indian slavery by other Indian tribes doesn't count.

    To quote the lepus genius, "Whata maroon!"











    So he should have said "In the USA" to be more precise?  Even then it would have been disingenuous because it ignored the english slavery.  But I don't think the slavery perpetuated on the indians or by the indians should count for what he's talking about. 


    Or better yet to be more relevant since he's talking about a religion, add up the years of Christian slavery.  That would include what the spaniards did.  It would probably include a bunch of other stuff too. 


  18. On 4/29/2021 at 11:22 AM, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Here! I hope it shows up.

    700 Acts of Love ideas in 2021 | crazy cats, cute animals, acts of love


    I learned somewhere that cat's purrs have healing properties.  If they find something else in distress they will cuddle with it and start purring to help it heal.  If that's true, when your cat sits in your lap and purrs, it's because it wants to help you heal. 

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  19. 8 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:



    It wasn't spiderman who said it, it was his uncle Ben.  Maybe technically he has said it, but he was quoting Uncle Ben when he did. 


    Oh look it happened to be a pat riot meme that I wanted to comment on. 


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  20. This'll probably work better if you quote the meme you're commenting on in this thread. 



    Reminds me of the usenet days.  I recall one newsgroup called alt.binaries.erotica.hamsters.duct-tape.  And there was another one called alt.binaries.erotica.hamsters.duct-tape.d.  Let me explain some of that for those who didn't do usenet.  Alt meant it was weird stuff.  Binaries meant pictures.  a (.d) at the end meant it was for discussion of the main picture group.  Apparently folks have been getting upset about comments in picture threads since the dawn of the internet. 


    I don't know what hamsters or duct-tape meant.  I was on a 4800 baud modem, I didn't have time to waste downloading pictures just to satisfy curiosity. 

  21. On 4/20/2021 at 2:55 PM, Derringer Dan said:

    And a three-fer...



    I love it.  Our cat often camps out on the biggest dog pillow which means one of the dogs has to sack out on the floor.  We try to convince the dogs that the cat is just a deformed dog, but I think they're suspicious. 

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