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  1. Hey Thunder Creek,


    I get  Tired of these sanctimonious old farts, being smart A-holes with their jerky responses to valid questions!!  I’m a tool guy (hence “ToyBoy”)... I’m now thinking I should get one of these tools... but I shoot 45’s and don’t  seem to have an issue like the 38ers do. In fact have a buddy trying to decide if he should go 38 v 45 ... I think I’ve got him convinced that it does make difference!!


    Good luck, maybe some-non smart ass has one cheaper than mfg pricing!


    1. Thunder Creek Kid

      Thunder Creek Kid

      I know what you  mean. I think twice about putting anything on the wire or classified anymore because of 

      the know it alls!

      I have said far less things on here and had the post deleted before.


      Thanks for your comments.


      Thunder Creek Kid

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