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  1. 6 minutes ago, Hendo said:

    5 or 6 years ago Rossi was offering one with a CCH receiver and a 20" octagon barrel.

    I didn't know I'd be wanting it now...



    Mine is an older Braztech branded rifle with a CCH receiver and a 24" octagon barrel

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  2. There is a large Jewish presence in New York. From day one they have actively resisted social distancing as it applies to their observance of the Sabbath and other religious observations. The forced closing of their houses of worship and prohibition of worshipping God as they have for millennia has not sit well with many of them.


    The governor and mayor really really have taken exception of this and are actively trying to punish the Jewish community for not blindly following their edicts.


    Don't forget that for most of the Jewish community the atrocities of Hitler and Stalin are fresh memories. Blindly following government edicts is something they no longer do. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Hendo said:

    Yeah, I can't help myself, I gotra a thing for blue steel and wood.


    At one time I owned 4 that were fully slicked up and ran flawlessly. 2 SS, 1 blue and 1 CCH with a 24" octagon Barrel. Traded the blued on to my stepson for a SKS. Still have and shoot the other 3.

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  4. 47 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    Not "converting".


    Hypothetically I have a diesel fuel powered automobile. I have no diesel fuel. I have a 5-gallon jug of peanut oil from Sam's.


    Can I just pour that stuff in my tank and go to town? No changing anything with the peanut oil. No changing anything with the car. Just pour the oil in and drive away.


    Would it work?


    Most likely not. If it did work you would damage fuel system components in a short period of time. The repairs would far outweigh any savings even if the oil was free.


    Read the article I posted a link to. There is a reason you need a conversion kit and cannot just pour cooking oil into the tank.

  5. From the YouTube page description.




    The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office said a 23-year-old woman is seriously hurt after a rollover crash in Telluride. The sheriff’s office said she was in a Jeep with her 22-year-old male friend on Bridal Veil Rd. The friend told deputies he shut off the engine, applied the emergency brake and stepped out of the Jeep to help direct a driver behind him around a tight turn. He said the jeep started to roll while the woman was still in the passenger seat. The man tried to jump back into the Jeep to steer it, but he was thrown into rocks when it went off the road. The sheriff’s office said the Jeep rolled down several switchbacks, throwing the woman out of the vehicle. It came to a stop on the road.



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  6. You want a 73 or 66 if you are looking for a race gun.  While a 92 can be made to work exceptionally well for CAS they are not "race" guns.


    In theory a 92 could be short stroked but the cost of doing so makes it impractical.


    BTW I own 4 super slick 92s in 38/357. They all run flawlessly with the right OAL ammo but I would not call them race guns

  7. 1 hour ago, Alpo said:

    Don't know about the fridge, but I have read several different novels where people hid jewelry in the ice cube trays in the freezer.


    I have read it often enough that if I was burglarizing a house I would check the freezer. It's like lifting the mattress on the bed. It's a no-brainer.


    Yep years ago my wife's house was robbed. They emptied all the cereal, oatmeal, pasta boxes and anything else that was in the cupboards all over the floor. They also emptied the freezers

  8. Educate your kids to call and ask Grandma if it is OK to come by before they knock on her door. Be sure they stress to her that another time is perfectly acceptable answer and that their feelings will not be hurt by it.


    Your mom has done a pretty stressful thing by moving from Missouri to Georgia. Just traveling in a car for a couple of days can be hard. Five her the space to sort everything out including some alone time to gather her thoughts.

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  9. 12 hours ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:


    In the 80's here.

    I saw snow, once. I was stationed in Maryland for a few months, beginning in March, while going to a military tech school.

    The flakes were as big as a silver dollar.

    Gone in a couple of days, but interesting to experience that.



    It was 80 here in East TX the last couple of days. Supposed to drop down into the 40s tonight. Warm up a little Sunday and then late next week the highs will be in the high 40s.


    BTW those going to land Run better bring their long johns and slickers.  Long range forecast is not looking all at great.

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