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  1. 2 hours ago, Black RZR said:

    Yeah I wish our club had some private land we could set up on. Then we wouldn't have to bow down to our range....but I'm sure insurance for hosting shoots would be crazy..


    It all depends on a lot of variables but as starting point for insurance figure $100 per month or $1200 a year.

  2. 1 hour ago, OK Dirty Dan said:

    Did I miss something? If it's Alliant Extra-Lite you're referring to, it's still listed on their website and I see it on my LGS shelves every time I go in. I use it exclusively for my 12ga loads. 


    Ballistic Precision is supposedly in the works to manufacture an adjustable charge bar similar to the one which used to be made in Canada. That said, I've had it on pre-order since January and it's missed multiple anticipated ship dates at this point. 


    I was wrong, it was the Winchester AA Lite powder that was discontinued. Corrected my post. Thanks


    Good to know about the Adjustable charge bar.

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  3. Keep in mind that there is ZERO published data for loading brass shot shells with smokeless powders. Any and all load data you will find from individuals that have experimented on their own.


    Sorry this is kinda long.


    Before you start buying reloaders and components  get a copy of the Lyman shotshell handbook and read up on the how to load chapters. Loading shotshells is not hard but it is different.


    It takes me about the same amount of time to load a box of shotshells on my single stage MEC 600 jr as it does to load 100 38 specials on my progressive pistol press.


    First question you should ask yourself is "Why do I want to reload shotshells." If the answer is save money you should stick to buying factory shells as the cost of components is almost equal to the cost of a box of shells. If you put a value on your time it is definitely more expensive to load smokeless shells than to buy them.


    Keep in mind that unlike cartridges, the time to recoup your investment reloading shotshells could take years.


    If you are a BP shooter then reloading is the only way to go as factory BP shells are over a dollar a shell.


    Reloading to get a specific load could be a valid reason to start loading shotshells . But first you need to consider a few things that are unique to shotshell reloading. Most important is you cannot experiment like you do with cartridges. The margin of error between safe loads and blowing up your gun is not all that great. Shotshells do not provide any reliable indication of too much chamber pressure. Shotshells rely heavily on the quality of the crimp for proper combustion. The crimp requires that the combined height of the powder charge, wad height and shot charge fall into a very narrow range of values. Too tall or too short and the crimps will be poor.

    AFAIK there are no shotshell recipes where there is air space between the wad and the powder charge. So dropping the powder charge below that shown in a published recipe could have unknown and possibly dangerous consequences.

    There is a vast difference in the different manufactures 209 primers. To achieve the same velocity between 2 different manufacturers primers with all other variables staying the same, may require the powder charge to vary by more than 1 grain.

    When loading magnum shotshells failing to follow established loads can result in death or bodily harm. 

    Different hulls require different wad designs. The inside of of different manufacturers hulls vary in internal height and whether or not the interior of the hull is tapered or not. Remington Gun Clubs and Remington STS hulls require a different wad design for the same weight of shot charge. Same is true for Winchester AA vs their other product lines.


    Since Alliant ExtraLite Winchester AA Lite powder was discontinued, there are no published smokeless loads that result in less felt recoil than AA LNLR shells. I did use published data to  extrapolate a load that has less the same or less felt recoil by using the powder charge for a Federal primer and substituting a Cheddite primer.  I came up with a 21 gram load with a velocity of about 1050 FPS. The AA LNLR are 26 grams and 980 fps.

    The reason I can do this is my shot shell presses have adjustable charge bars for powder and shot vice bushings. The company that made these charge bars went out of business due to covid and I know of no other maker of adjustable charge bars for a MEC reloader. You can still find them on ebay but they are very expensive.


    The Lee Load all uses bushings for the shot and powder charge. It is possible to make your own custom bushings. Same is true of MEC reloaders. The thing to keep in mind is with single stage reloaders the powder charge varies because of the vibration from cycling the machine. On my MEC there are 6 cycles of the press between each powder drop. When setting up the charge bar I have to take this into account. This is why many reloaders report that their bushings do not drop the charge advertised.


    I don't have any first hand knowledge of the more expensive brands of reloaders.


    Single stage shotshell reloaders can be an exercise in frustration to set up. If a machine is very far out of adjustment you may spend hours on the phone with tech support getting the issue corrected. Progressive machines can make you check yourself into an insane asylum. I know people that have sent them back to the factory to get them set up properly.


    The easiest to set up by far is the Lee Load-All and even it has some quirks.


    You are going to spill a lot of powder and shot learning to reload shotshells. Keep this in mind when you choose where to set up the machine. The wife is not going to like vacuuming up shot and the whole town will know the first time she vacuums up a live 209 primer.


    I have my press set up inside a cookie sheet to help contain all the shot and powder spillage.



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  4. Just now, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Alpo was kidding because of the Garand Matching Numbers comment in the ad. You see that all the time. Especially from people who don't know a Garand from a bowling ball. :D


    I knew he was. A few years ago a good friend of mine and I went on a road trip. As part of the trip we stopped by a friend of his so that he could pick up an M1 he had bought. While there I got talked into buy a M1903. The rifle was still in cosmoline and the opened CMP barrier paper. As part of getting it back into the shooting condition I did a lot of research about why the floor plate was pinned shut and the 4 numbers etched into the bolt handle. Turns out those little oddities were unique to the rifles lent to the Greeks during WWII. Because I am now the proud owner of an actual combat veteran I have opted to forgo any modifications that would permanently alter its original configuration. 

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I like that the garands have all matching numbers.


    Mine only has one number on it. Does that mean my 1911 also has all matching numbers? My 1903? My Thompson?


    The M1903 loaned to the Greeks during WWII had matching numbers. The Greeks etched the last 4 of the serial number onto the bolt handle. However when they were returned after the war, the bolts were removed and put into one crate while the rest of the rifle was put into another. When the CMP started selling them, the armorer grabbed a bolt and tried it. If the headspace passed it went out. if not they tried another bolt. So now if you find one with matching numbers odds of it not being a counterfit are a million to one.

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  6. First and foremost, Add up the costs


    Targets ( even if you only have a couple stages worth they add up fast) (BTW Cheap targets don't last)

    Target stands (BTW Rebar sucks as target stand material. Lots of splatter)

    Shotgun targets

    Labor costs to build / assemble the stands.


    PC or tablet to do the scores. (Even if you use paper to keep score you need to process the data)

    Tables for loading and unloading. 

    Place to store above.

    Now where are you going to get the money for all the above? 


    Second Income sources.

    How many shooters do you expect at each match?

    What will match fees be?

    Club Membership fees?

    How much will go to the land owner / hosting club?

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  7. Vietnam vets killed during secret Pacific mission get Maine memorial nearly 60 years later


    PORTLAND, Maine — Nearly 60 years ago, dozens of soldiers assembled for a top secret mission to Vietnam, three years before President Lyndon Johnson officially sent U.S. combat troops to the country.

    They never made it. Their airplane disappeared between Guam and the Philippines, leaving behind no trace.

    Ever since, their families have been fighting to get answers about the mission from the Pentagon. They also want their loved ones to be recognized on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.



    John Williams, of Peru, Indiana, left, and his sisters, Maria McCauley, of Branson, Missouri, center, and Susie Linale, of Omaha, Nebraska, pose at a monument to honor the military passengers of Flying Tiger Line Flight 739, Saturday, May 15, 2021, in Columbia Falls, Maine. Their father, SFC Albert Williams, Jr., was among those killed on the secret mission to Vietnam in 1962. (Associated Press)



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  8. 17 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Looking at where they were when we landed on the moon and where they are now it’s nothing short of miraculous. As far as cooperation, that’s not in their playbook. They’re all about domination.


    11 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    How did they do this without a Department of Education?


    Its easy to "appear" to be a technological giant when you are hands down the worlds best at industrial espionage.

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  9. Well maybe this will make you feel better.


    Starbucks might delete its Facebook page



    Facebook employees who manage the site’s relationship with Starbucks have voiced concerns about the chain removing its page from the social media network. Starbucks has apparently hit a breaking point due to all of the hateful and hurtful messages it receives on virtually every post it makes.


    Their little feelings are all butt hurt. :lol:

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  10. Before you go and start buying and replacing a bunch of parts, I highly recommend you get it to feed and cycle reliably. 

     You’ll save some money and may find that those stock parts are more than adequate. 

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