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  1. I had everything except a shotgun. 3 or 4 Uberti SAA in 45C, a Ruger New Vaquero in .357, Ruger Bisley Vaquero in 45C and 2 Marlin 94 Cowboy Limiteds, .357 & 45 C. My buddy, Sixgun Seamus started dragging me to Gun Shows prior to our previous president's inauguration, because "guns may not be available come January!". Prior to that I did not own a single gun of my own. After purchasing the obligatory 10-22 and .22 pistol, I wanted something bigger. I always liked the looks of the SAA revolvers and started looking for one at the gun shows. The first one I bought was a used New Vaquero in .357 with holster and gun belt for $450 (I'd like to find that again). Of course I had to buy a Western looking rifle. A gun store had a Marlin 94 C Limited on display but only in .44. I liked the looks and ordered one in .357. Meanwhile, after many gun shows and gun stores, I found a private individual selling the 45C Marlin and the Bisley for a price I could not pass up. The Marlin had been slicked up, though all the parts appeared original, and was very smooth. About that time Seamus and I started looking for a venue to shoot these guns. We heard about SASS and started buying clothes in case we found a club we could shoot at . I also bought myself a Stoeger SxS to complete the guns (this was all before we had ever been to a SASS match!). Since I had more guns in 45C and the 45 Marlin was much smoother, I shot 45C at our first match and haven't switched yet even though the Ubertis were replaced with Ruger NV and the Stoeger with a Baikal.
  2. I had the same problem with some of my older Ubertis. I bought a tool from Brownells for this purpose. It designed to extract pins on Colt /Colt clones on one end and Rugers on the other end.
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