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  1. Congrats JM and I appreciated your input and help with the walk thru. I’m still learning the ins and outs and ups and downs of writing matches. I’ve only written a couple of matches including the one you just shot so advice in the form you gave it is much appreciated.
  2. It was a blast working on this match. I don’t know if I ever really expressed how hard Wabash Valley Slim worked. He hustled from sun up to sundown for 2 straight days helping with the stage fronts, props, tables etc. I’m not sure how I’d have gotten it done this year without his help. All but a few of the stages came from ideas that I “borrowed” from other folks. I got “blast the doors” from Fire N Fallback. The knockdown stage came from T-bone. Other contributors /influences were Cowboy Junky, Jake Dunson, Pig Iron Lane and the cracker crew to name a few. My motto is “If ya want the best, steal from the best.”
  3. I’ll be yer blackberry or wait that’s huckleberry. Anyway, I appreciate it. It was real cowboy weather with “no whinin’ allowed” pistol targets and luck (good and bad) played a big part in how it went for everybody. I hope to have the opportunity to try it again. Blacksomething Henry
  4. I've been shootin' with SASS for the past 3 years and it has been a great family activity. We will be upgrading our memberships in the future. SASS provides the most kicks per dollar spent of any activity I've participated in. Let's keep shootin', quit whining, and do whatever needs doing.
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