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  1. I need the address to send the $40 for the .44 Lee 6 cavity mold.

  2. Let me check with my editors and see if any of them are interested. Notmally Articles on Black powder pistold won't sell but converting them may be a different matter. Why was it necessary to reline the bores? won't the .357 .38 bullet work in .36 caliber bore?


  3. That sounds like a real interesting project. Let me know how much you want for it.


  4. I'm interested in the 1890 What's wrong with it and how much do you want for it?



  5. Marlin, I'm holding the Favorite for you, let me know when you're ready for it.


  6. I assume you are the Cowboy formerly known as Marlin Buckhorn. If that is the case your Stevens favorite is done. I just went out and test fired it and it did just fine. If you still want to get it back let me know and send a check and an FFL for me to ship it to.


  7. Hey Doolin' you wouldn't happen to have a Rossi in .44 you'd like to sell would ya? Heck I even have a Colt New Service in .45 I'd trade


  8. Well first I thought Avatar was a movie. Second it tells me the picture is to big. It says that it will reduce it automatically but it won't. I've tried reducing it further but to no avail. I'll keep working on it.

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