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  1. Tried GOEX & tried APP in the 32 H&R on my 650. Clumping problems with both. 777 works great. However, even with the 777 I strain the powder before I pour it into the powder hopper. I also use the Dillon powder check.


    The APP works fine with the press for 38's in the 1050. I strain it first just to be sure. And, I use the Dillon powder check. When I use up the APP, I'll go to all 777 for the 38's, 32's, & the Shotshells.


    I also use the 777 in the MEC 9000 for BP.

  2. I buy my Clean Shot from Scarlett. Ophelia Payne has never had any other powder in her .32's, 6 or 7 years shooting EVERY Saturday, & I started using it for 12 gauge about 3 months or so ago. It's a fine powder, & is very consistent, especially for the small loads in the .32's. As to dirty powders, I've also shot Clays, TG, American Select, Red Dot, maybe something else I don't remember. They all seem about the same to me as far as clean or dirty. Availability helps me a lot when choosing.

  3. On 9/18/2023 at 7:16 PM, Nawlins Kid SASS #36107 said:

     Smokeless. I was at a State match and around the 6 th stage my 73 's action was getting a stiff.


    When I bought my 1st Harlan Wolff (Spencer Davis) rifle about 8 years ago, he said to never use anything but Break Free CLP on it. Doesn't attract dirt like many others. Can't use it for BP, but it works great for smokeless. I have acquired 2 more of those rifles since, plus one from Lefty Wheeler. All love the Break Free. I've never had one act up due to the dirt, but my wife has maybe 2 glitches thru the years. When she did, I just shot a modest amount of CLP on each side of the carrier, & it fixed it immediately. However, I do shoot QD Electronic Cleaner on the carrier & bolt & follow with a small amount of CLP on each side of the carrier before each day of shooting. For BP, I use Moose Milk (Ballistol & water) for the same result. Works great for us.

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  4. No pins. Dawn & lemi-shine (although I'm gonna try the Stat-O-Sheen after reading some of the above). I fill the Frankford Arsenal up, about 1200 brass 38's, put 'em on a towel, & point a box fan at them overnight. Simplest way I've found to clean lots of brass, & they look like jewels when they're done. I started with the pins, but we shoot a lot, so I tested without 'em & can't tell the difference, except for no hassle.


    When using the pins, some would stick in the bottom of the .38's. The decapping pins in the 550, 650, & 1050 didn't like that.

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  5. I have two of the Frankford arsenal vibra tubes. They hang up about 5-8 times while I'm loading 100, & I have to take it apart each time & straighten it out. I've tried everything from holding it at different angles, tapping it on the bench, using silicone spray (don't do this one), whatever I could think of. I even bought the 2nd one thinking maybe it was the one, but the new one does the same thing.


    This machine is a pain, but it's better than using the pickup tubes.


    If I knew the Hornady works perfectly, or close to perfectly, I'll spring for the price.

  6. Obviously, the best advice will come from the known fast guys, like Deuce & Junky on this topic.

    However, I can share my experience in my own evolution, & I have decreased my stage times significantly over the last year, & that year over the previous. Here are some things I have learned:

    If I try to shoot fast, I jack a round. If I think more about fast than hitting every single target every single time, I'm going to jack a round.

    I decide on a cadence, ESPECIALLY for a dump, or 4+ shots on a target that is safe for me, & it isn't as fast as I think I can shoot.

    I practice, usually 300-400 rounds/week. I'm fortunate to have a setup in my backyard with a mountain as my berm.

    If I have a misfire, I give the mainspring a quarter turn tighter.

    If it's a cold day (like 35 degrees or colder), & I'm at a shoot where I don't get a warmup stage to test everything, I'll tighten the mainspring a quarter-turn anyway, cause I know it's more likely to misfire on a cold morning.

    Even if it's a dump, focus on every single shot hitting the target. If you do that, & if you practice at least once/week, the speed will take care of itself.


    It's a lot like golf, as others have pointed out before. If you try to hit the ball hard, it doesn't work out. If you swing smoothly & correctly, you'll be amazed at how far the ball goes & how well things turn out. That's the only thing I learned at golf, because even though I played regularly & faithfully once a year, I never got any better.

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