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  1. Tried GOEX & tried APP in the 32 H&R on my 650. Clumping problems with both. 777 works great. However, even with the 777 I strain the powder before I pour it into the powder hopper. I also use the Dillon powder check.


    The APP works fine with the press for 38's in the 1050. I strain it first just to be sure. And, I use the Dillon powder check. When I use up the APP, I'll go to all 777 for the 38's, 32's, & the Shotshells.


    I also use the 777 in the MEC 9000 for BP.

  2. I have two of the Frankford arsenal vibra tubes. They hang up about 5-8 times while I'm loading 100, & I have to take it apart each time & straighten it out. I've tried everything from holding it at different angles, tapping it on the bench, using silicone spray (don't do this one), whatever I could think of. I even bought the 2nd one thinking maybe it was the one, but the new one does the same thing.


    This machine is a pain, but it's better than using the pickup tubes.


    If I knew the Hornady works perfectly, or close to perfectly, I'll spring for the price.

  3. Obviously, the best advice will come from the known fast guys, like Deuce & Junky on this topic.

    However, I can share my experience in my own evolution, & I have decreased my stage times significantly over the last year, & that year over the previous. Here are some things I have learned:

    If I try to shoot fast, I jack a round. If I think more about fast than hitting every single target every single time, I'm going to jack a round.

    I decide on a cadence, ESPECIALLY for a dump, or 4+ shots on a target that is safe for me, & it isn't as fast as I think I can shoot.

    I practice, usually 300-400 rounds/week. I'm fortunate to have a setup in my backyard with a mountain as my berm.

    If I have a misfire, I give the mainspring a quarter turn tighter.

    If it's a cold day (like 35 degrees or colder), & I'm at a shoot where I don't get a warmup stage to test everything, I'll tighten the mainspring a quarter-turn anyway, cause I know it's more likely to misfire on a cold morning.

    Even if it's a dump, focus on every single shot hitting the target. If you do that, & if you practice at least once/week, the speed will take care of itself.


    It's a lot like golf, as others have pointed out before. If you try to hit the ball hard, it doesn't work out. If you swing smoothly & correctly, you'll be amazed at how far the ball goes & how well things turn out. That's the only thing I learned at golf, because even though I played regularly & faithfully once a year, I never got any better.

  4. Snakebite, I always felt I had to have the fastest bike available. I won't go thru the list of approximately 60 bikes I've owned since I was 14YO (I'm 69). When I was young, I pretty much rode it like I stole it every time I was on one. i was in continual race mode. My son & I got our road race licenses when I was 58Yo, & we started doing track days in preparation to race WERA. Had a big crash at Nashville Superspeedway & got a helicopter ride to the Vanderbilt Trauma center.


    That knocked the Fast out of me. I've since owned a 2007 Screamin Eagle Ultra & a 2007 Kawasaki Concours, both extremely fast bikes. I realized that I never rode them fast anymore. I rarely got the Concours over 3500RPM, with a redline around 9000. What I know now is, I don't have to have the fastest, because I don't ride like that anymore. The articles, including road tests on the new Bonneville T120 are incredible. I think that's the bike for me, but I have equal respect for the T100, especially this gorgeous Red & Black one on this thread.


    P.S. the Nortons were always a lot faster than the Triumphs, but the Triumphs handled better.

  5. You probably got what you need by now. I bought a 66 new 3 years ago, & the loading gate broke almost immediately. Somebody in the know told me what to buy from Uberti, & I just looked up my notes from the time. I got one from Uberti & installed it. Mine took the large screw.


    110313 – Ordered aftermarket Loading Gate. BA:220127/lgAftermarket Loading Gate (1866) Large Diam Screw Hole .115" OD (2005+) Quantity : 1 Price : US$35.00. Got it from VTI Gunparts.


    I had a lot of problems with that rifle, that could be attributed to who initially did the slick up & SS work. However, that same person built a 73 for me that was bulletproof. Once I got the 66 running perfectly & knew it would perform for a new owner, I sold it. That cowboy emailed me after about a year just to tell me how much he loved it.


    Anyway, I'm strictly a 73 man now. 18" Cimmaron Brush Popper in 38/357 from Marshall Harland Wolfe. It works every time so I can focus on my shooting without worrying about the equipment.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Had a 1957 Triumph Cub, a 1960 650 TR6, 1967 650 Bonneville, 1969 Norton 750 Roadster, 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider, & later another 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider. I'm currently trying to resist buying a 2017 Bonneville T120 that I was drooling over in the showroom yesterday. I thought I was thru riding when I sold my 2007 Screamin' Eagle Ultra & my 2009 Concours about 6 months ago, but I'm starting to get withdrawal shakes.

  7. +1 on Hoss. Red Dot, 7/8 oz Claybuster, 7 1/2 shot, or 8 if I can't get the 7 1/2. Remington STS or Winchester. STS will last 4 times longer. I'll PM a recipe for 890fps, which handle all knock-downs for the Missus & me at the 4 clubs we shoot with,


    When we shoot States, Regionals, EOT, we use factory Winchester Featherlights, just to be absolutely sure I didn't booger one up in the batch.

  8. I have a Big Boy in 45 Colt in my safe that I bought brand new. I started CAS 4 years ago last month & I used the Henry in my first match. It jammed on the 2nd stage with 8 rounds in the pipe. Everyone clued me in that the Big Boy is a beautiful deer rifle, but can't take CAS speeds. I bought a 73, had it slicked up, & never looked back. I still like to look at the Big Boy, but I haven't shot it since.

  9. I wear Wiley X, mostly the clear ones. I also have some polarized, but the clears just work better for me most of the time. I got them from my optometrist. His son was a Navy Seal, & he said that's what all his bud's wear. He also said they are much hardier than Oakleys.


    Before I got the prescription glasses, would shoot in the middle of the blur, & it was okay most of the time. What a difference the prescription glasses made!


    My optometrist asked if I wanted to focus on the front sight or the targets, & I guessed at the targets.


    It's worked out GREAT for me. I also wear them driving.

  10. I went to a specialist, & he said I'd be ready for Cochlear implants in less than 6 months. He also said they'd be $50K. Of course, the insurance would pick up part of it. I was thinking it over when my wife & I were at a Golden Corral right behind a guy with what looked like a mini satellite dish on the side of his head & wires that appeared to be connected to his brain. I told my wife, "Please tell me that isn't the Cochlear implant!". She said it was.


    So, now the only reason I might do that is if I can get Netflix thru the mini dish on my head. Otherwise, I'll need to learn sign language or something.


    We run the Close captioning "on" 100% of the time. Otherwise, I might as well be watching silent movies.


    I'd be depressed if I weren't so good-looking.

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