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  1. Take a breath once in a while. Help with posse duties. Have a great time!
  2. Got two bottles of Knob Creek I'm saving from there.
  3. You're not far away. We may have crossed paths. I shot Knob Creek once. Had a grand time.
  4. Well yes. I will certainly pull my weight there, Bob. Thanks for letting me know of my small role in the world today! Very important. Very.
  5. It's the Widderphelia that's worrysome!
  6. The barrel on my .44 gets HOT! I'll leave my forearm where it is. Lol
  7. I work part time gigs to pay for my hobbies. That includes gas.
  8. A shovel full of hot coals works well on ant mounds. They are full of dried grass. Mine burn down to the water table overnight. Nine feet or so. They're not fire ants but they sure are mean! Black and red, about a quarter inch long. They will light you up.
  9. Tap my shoulder, I'll go. I can hear it most times. Some days not so much. Self inflicted.
  10. Look up Reboring by JES. He does great work and could guide you where you need to go.
  11. Follow the good advice. No need to insult anybody.
  12. We e lived that one twice here. Still funny though!
  13. Just bought 8pounds of H335 for 230.00 and 8 pounds of W244 for 219.00. Plus the tax man, of course. Gave 35.00/ lb for W760, limit five.
  14. The average timer beep is what I hear all the time. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No b, no p.
  15. Pretty much sums it up. I was going to put the kidney thing first though. My Pedersoli shoots better than me. I bought the sights from them also and am very happy.
  16. I could only stare at him. My mind was racing all sorts of things to say but I used my filter.
  17. Met my new neighbor last night. He had seen my boat and asked if we fished. Said yes and gave him a package of bluegill fillets. Mentioned we deer hunt too. He said he didn't hunt because he didn't believe in destroying things. I said "I don't either. I believe in changing them into nice neat stacks of white packages." Then I went in the house. I'll wave from across the street but I won't start another conversation.
  18. The answer is MONEY. What was your question?
  19. I took over a very troubled utility in August. I banned the phrase 'That's how we've always done it.' after I heard it the first day.
  20. My dad told me 'All you can leave behind, son, is a good name.'
  21. I just loaded 100 .243's on my 550B. One at a time. We load 21 different calibers on it from 32 H&R to .45-70. Love my 550 so much we have three now.
  22. The bucks are running around like horny teenagers so I stay in the stand all day. Never know what could happen that time of year. We did a zombie shoot one year though them hunted that evening.
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