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  1. I hand polished my S&W 686, using Mothers polishing cream...took some time but looked good.
  2. I had to do some alterations on my crossdraw to get the angle less. I cut and did a hand sew job, it works.
  3. I use a Thumbler Tumbler had it for 8 years no problems. I do separate the rubber liner from the drum after each use, as these tend to rust.
  4. I sprayed my holster with alcohol, put the gun in a baggie and left it there for a day.
  5. When I started shooting CAS, 24 years ago I got my holsters, shotgun belt and gun belt at Cabelas, they are Triple K brand. I think the total cost was $115, this is the rig I still use today.
  6. These spurs have been sold. Please delete this ad. Thanks
  7. For Sale Winchester hand forged spurs. $50.00 plus shipping 586-569-1502 Attica Jack
  8. I made this, works great.
  9. I have always said, we have way to many categories, and have too many places for a trophy. I would enjoy having only 20% of the winners getting trophies. Now a banquet is 1 1/2 hrs. long just giving out awards to 70% of the attendees. Awards should be given like the Olympics, gold, silver and bronze and that's it, not 4, 5 and 6th. place. Someone said that participation trophies are what we award now, that hit the nail on the head. I also think any person should not be able to shop categories to get a trophy, IE spirit of the game.
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