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  1. Good morning. It is 5.56/.223 upper.
  2. The .22 x-change kit is still available.
  3. Good evening all, below is a list of items for sale. The x-change kits can be shipped directly to your house since they are not firearms. All others will go from my FFL to yours. For shipping add $35 or actual cost whichever is LESS. I would consider some trades 1873/1866 rifle (38/357), SAA type 45LC (45acp conversion cylinder a bonus), vaquero convertible, Schofield 45LC, BLR, Long ranger, Henry lever X, marlin CBA, Let me know what you have in mind. 1. Sig P250 45 ACP Compact -$325 2. Sig P320 45 ACP compact. Apex trigger bar and flat face trigger and Dawson precision sights installed. - $525 3. Sig P320 sub-compact 9mm x-change kit with x-compact frame. Will work with any P320 FCU (ie the 45acp). - $300 3b. If bought as a package (P320 and 9mm x-change) - $800 4. Glock 22 with 4 magazines. New 9mm threaded conversion barrel and new 9mm recoil spring and 2 new 9mm magazines. - $425 5. AR-15 pistol 5.56 “dirt squirrel”. PSA build, magpul furniture. Tail hook brace, holo sight and FOSTECH echo II binary trigger installed. -$850 ($550 if you want stock trigger re-installed) 6. Winchester 1894 made in 1904. 30WCF (30-30). -$850 Don’t hesitate to email with questions. Thanks.
  4. I will take #3 (black with roses and skull). Please let me know where to send payment. Cheers.
  5. H.M., email me at dave.steier@bellsouth.net about the 1887 Shotgun. I'm in Gainesville, GA. Where do you live?

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