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  1. Howdy Hochbauer, That cartridge is such a PITA, I gave it a new name when I loaded it for my brother Dutch all those years. Its called the 44 Bastard! I called Dillion about the problems I was having and they couldn't help me, sooooooooooooooooooo I just quit reloading it, problem solved! Merry Christmas! JB Sledge
  2. Hello Muddflat, Do you still have the OMV 357 for sale? If so please email me some pics. jbsledge1@aol.com Thanks JB Sledge
  3. Hello, I have 30 pcs of new 40-82 formed from 45-90 brass. $50 shipped. Cheers JB Sledge
  4. Price drop $2,200.00

  5. PRICE DROP , $2,200

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