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  1. This one is going to be hard to believe. I have 8 rifles in 38-55....And I just bought #9 this week (Uberti 1885, double set triggers, pistol grip!) This is a great cartridge. The record holder for accuracy until something like 1920.....When I got involved with it I bought and had custom made at least a half dozen molds....Tried every bullet, powder, case, primer combination until I was driving myself crazy.....


    Here is what I shoot now and I've won a number of 200 and 300 yd (and one 380 yard) matches.......with it.


    Short 38-55 case / $20 LEE mold for the 250g bullet / 9 grains of Unique / 3/4" square piece of one ply toilet paper to hold powder against primer / Any primer...... You heard that right, only 9 grains of unique......You must transport them with the primer down to keep the powder/TP wad against the primer.....


    Recoil is like a 22 Magnum....Spooky accuracy!

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  2. I have an Armi 44-40....And a Blakeslee Box...Love shooting it at matches.....Hint: Barrel pointing slightly down to load....Barrel pointing slightly up to eject/unload....Won't jam if you do this.....I have a book on the Spencer with excerpts from soldiers that used it in battle.....This was their advise.


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  3. i did two 45LC to 38-40. bought 38-40 barrels from VTI in connecticut. the old ones screwed out with no issues. new ones screwed on, indexed properly and headspaced 100%......so easy to do in my case. no changes to magazine, lifter, bolt, etc.....

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  4. once battleships and other big guns were retired, the only ones buying BP are cowboy shooters and reenactors. no way near enough demand. the navy used to buy hundreds of tons a year.....no longer needed.

  5. What Rainmaker said...

    ."My Kirst cylinders are only five-shot; no empty chambers.

    There is a "notch" for the "empty" space to line up."


    You can clearly see the hammer resting in the safety notch between two cartridges on all open tops using Kirst cylinders.



  6. Quote

    Ya know, I think it might be advantageous to state what one's goals are with regards to loads.


    My goal is "Style Points"....Lots of smoke, flame and BOOM! I'm not competing for speed when shooting BP....Just having fun!


    I'm using an original COLT 1883 coach gun in 10G with "Little Skeeter" 10g to 12g chamber inserts.....For revolvers, Colt Walker and Dragoon, both converted to 45LC cartridge and an original 1873 Winchester in 38-40....Too much fun!

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  7. A few quick questions on loading 12g BP shotshells....


    Since getting REAL BP here in Massachusetts can be a real challenge, I'll mostly be using Substitutes....APP, Shockey, etc


    #1. Fiber or plastic wads?

    #2. Folded crimp or cut the shells a glued in cardboard?

    #3. Roll crimp? (What do you use?)

    #4. 1 to 1 load by weight?.... Or by volume?

    #5. Favorite 12 BP load?



  8. Quote

    If so, would a rule along the lines of "In the event a SG KD target is down prior to shooter engagement, it shall be engaged by shooting where it was at the earliest opportunity allowed by the stage instructions."

    BINGO!.....As long as it is down "Prior" to shooter engagement......If I'm TOing, and four shots are fired and four SG targets are down, I care not how they went down......Next shooter. Sometimes these things get so out of joint to not be fun anymore.....


    BUT....Your scenario about a missed target on the third shot bring a very determined....Hmmmm??


  9. The 3.5 EcoBoost is an amazing engine. Towing requires torque. And the 3.5EB is as close to the torque curve of a diesel as you can get in a gas motor. Torque ratings mean nothing if all the torque happens at one, very high, RPM......The 3.5EB has an extremely long, flat torque curve. I tow with a 2021 RAM 2500 with 6.4L Hemi......But I test drove a 3.5EB when I bought this truck and loved the engine. Felt a lot like my 2006 RAM/Cummins diesel. But the F150 simply didn't have the payload for a future truck bed camper. Now....My son-in-law has a new RAM 1500 5.7L Hemi with the aux electric motor for added torque. His truck tows a trailer similar in weight to mine, as good if not a bit better than the 6.4L Hemi in my truck....... These half ton trucks have become very capable of towing trailers, size and weight, that we wouldn't even consider a few years ago. Makes me smile when folks say 1/2 ton PUs are not good tow vehicles.....back in the 60s and 70s, thousands of trailers were pulled all over the country with Ford and Chevy station wagons with 150HP and two speed transmissions! I wrote an article on buying and owning a travel trailer on my web site. www.rvbprecision.com http://www.rvbprecision.com   ......You might find it interesting.

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  10. We are renting a house in Ft Meyers FL for January, February March......We are signed up for OK Coral in January and Ides of March in March......We will be shooting lots of one day matches in between. But what other Florida weekend shoots are not to be missed. We will have our camper with us so long travel is no issue.......


    Also, I need a place to store the 20' travel trailer in the Ft Meyers area as the HOA will not allow it at the house we are renting.......Any help is appreciated



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