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  1. Ozark, What brand is that mouth piece in your picture? Looks to be a heavy weight of some sort. I play a Marcinkewitz 8-S concert on my Olds Custom Crafted. Size is around the Bach 10-c diameter wise. I used to have a Bach Strad large bore that had such dark rich sound to it. Life made me sell it. Took me a while to get another large bore horn, but this Olds I have now is pretty good sound wise. Have gotten a few compliments on it. The cornet is a Conn Director of 1962 vintage ,copper bell and a .485 bore! Looks wise it seems to have been ridden hard and put away wet, but still sounds good. Kind of a chameleon, with a Bach 10-c cornet piece sounds pretty trumpety, but with an English brand cornet mouth piece it sound down right flugely. Right mellow. My flu gel is just an inexpensive Chinese make that I've had to do a lot work on to get it to function well, valves are real problem, but I can get a good sound out of it. The c horn is Chinese as well and was an attempt to ease up on the need to transpose a lot for church. Valve wise it worked better than the flugel did.............Buck

    1. Four-Eyed Buck,SASS #14795

      Four-Eyed Buck,SASS #14795

      I've got a two piece one as well. The cup is poly, got it for cold weather BAA ,it has a larger back bore. A Kanstul flug is an excellent horn. My mouthpiece for my flugel is another custom piece with a cup size around the 10C Bach size( I've always been a smaller cup guy since high school) but it doesn't have a traditional taper type. Blame the Chinese, it has a trumpet taper. A trumpet player in the Vegas area that had ombersure problems did it for me. Been  too long away from trumpet boards to remember names of these makers. Used to hang around on Trumpet Master before a computer problem lost my passwords and then the board closed. Too bad, it was great place to talk brass.........Buck

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