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  1. Looking to get a pair of 5 1/2 vaqueros in .357. Stainless new or large frame. what do you have? Not looking for abused guns. Used is fine Thanks
  2. Have nice fat elk backstrap in the smoke house now. Should be ready by 7.... If you're in the area stop on in and have some
  3. I picked up a second gen new in the box 7 1/2 in .45 for 1200 last year. Id see if he'd come down a bit
  4. We purchased a farm this year so that was my christmas present. my wife received some new ar 500 targets, her rifle is with carty getting slicked up, and the kids got way to many toys
  5. That's what happens to you for picking on Sweet innocent me... And for not liking that beautiful white stuff
  6. I'm toying around with the idea of rebarreling one of my rolling blocks from 45-70 to 30-30. This is just going to be a cheap plinker but i would like to get decent accuracy out of it. It's an old egyption action if that makes a difference. Looking to keep the barrel short for a handy little brush gun. Not interested in a heavy match barrel. Ive other rifles if i want to stretch out the range. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Wow now there is an skb i might actually be interested in
  8. I've been looking for a s&w for a while. But only an older one. I help out at the local toy store and have seen the junk they put out now. By actual numbers 3 out of every 5 pro shop revolvers they get in go back for quality control. Its to the point that as of the new year they won't be carrying new s&w revolvers anymore. Now they're older stuff i love to drool over. A joy to shoot
  9. Picked up a cute little 410 sxs for my kids. Other than that kinda going the other way. Sold off most my irons. The best gun related thing for me was i was able to give my brother and his boys their first center fire rifles.
  10. I've tried skbs brownings bikals and steogers. I shoot steogers because the chambers are closer and thinner. The skb and brownings are high quality and you have less of a chance of getting a lemon. The biakal is tougher but definitely needs work. All of them have guns you can run stock. All have guns that must be worked on. The lower end guns just have a higher chance of getting a lemon. The average shooter will never reach the potential these guns can achieve. Shoot what feels good to you
  11. It was a lot of fun. We saw more mule deer than elk. The shots that were available were on the edge of being ethical so i passed on them. In going back out muzzle loading next week
  12. Smokestack no offense taken. I really don't have a set opinion either way. I don't value a shoot by how i place. Or what hardware i bring home. Anyone that has shot with me can attest that i don't give two hoots about misses or how i place. I value it by who I'm with, what i learn, and by how much of a smile i have at the end of the day. What i get out of this game is a way to forget life for a few hours and enjoy a hobby that i can do with my family. As at any big shoot they are with me. What caused me to post this was a question my son asked. He's 6 and was wondering why everyone
  13. I've never one state. I was 2nd in gf a couple times. I have bought my first top five in state it was my first year. Now regionals i have won gf and placed 4th overall. Gunsmoke our regional gives some nice buckles. My wife wants me to buy the buckle from sass but funds are needed elsewhere. I like the pins that some clubs give out too. My hat has been decorated with them.
  14. I have two of these for sale. First is a 26" blued mod/imp. Gun has been used in 2 rounds of skeet and 1 sass match. Does have some scratches in the stock and on the bottom of the trigger gaurd. lightly engraved serial 2255xx asking 600 plus shipping coming from my ffl. Sold pending funds Second is a 28" case hardened mod/imp. To my knowledge has never been fired. I purchased it from a friend's widow who says it was a mantle piece and never fired. I have not fired it. Still had factory grease in the action. But since i can't know for sure we will call it used. One blemish by t
  15. It was pretty funny Saturday. Temp here was -24 before wind chill. Temp in antartica was only -14
  16. Winter is here so let's beat a dead horse. What does everybody think about participation awards? My opinion has changed in the last few years. At first i was really happy because i actually received something. It was something to show for all the money i was buring into a new hobby. As i gained experience and skills my thoughts have changed a bit. I love seeing the look on the face of the new shooters or those who have never buckled before as they have their name called. However i have seen a distinct change in myself in matches that do it. Our state match everyone
  17. Sorry rye your about two weeks to late i just cleaned out all my parts guns ill keep my eyes open for you though
  18. Dang dawg these are really starting to tempt me
  19. I'm sorry yul. Hopefully things will get better for you soon. Maybe if you hope really hard you'll get better weather with a bit of snow
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