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  1. I have used many Lee 6 cavity molds, never a problem like yours, could there be slag or a burr on one corner or a tight alignment pin? Not sure why bullets world stick in size die except no lube or extra hard bullets that expand oversize, wipe a bit of lube on when sizing. If you ship mold back send oversize bullets. Gary Seattle

  2. I been casting for many years. Now using a Lee 20pound pot, bottom drop and a Lee 6 cavity mold. I shoot light bullets for cas more for the pound. 200gr bullets= 35 bullets. Try F&M reloading for best prices. Gary Seattle

  3. I agree with you and have not seen the photo yet. Careless gun handling should not be displayed any time. Today on Top Shot the MC swept 2 shooters with a Glock 34 on his left. If he had the shooters on his right it might not have happen. GN

  4. Spring Kit? Try placing a shim between the hammer spring and the frame, match book cover, this will change the stress on the spring. Spring can also be thinned on a grinder. The trigger spring can also be shimmed or filed some. Trial and test. Gary Seattle

  5. #2 Lyman fix can not find it. Is that the one that should not be taken apart?? The one with the coil spring? Welcome to the site. Gary Seattle

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