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  1. About how to minimize the weight part in the thrust to weight ratio. They were probably thinking the same thing as Carol Shelby was thinking 30 years later- just using airplanes instead of cars. Namely, take the biggest motor you can lay hand on and wrap it in the leastest excuse of a functioning vehicle you can get away with.
  2. We cook it so that it looks and tastes like a ham- since nobody in the family is real fond of turkey.
  3. Folks have gotten carried away with this home delivery thing. Now, hunters don't even have to go to the woods.
  4. "Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste." "If there's not a crisis, then create one." Both are part of the Leftist mantra, aren't they? It's amazing how real life is reflecting fantasy these days. Tommy Lee Jones in the 1st Men In Black movie was right. There's always an Arquillian Battlecruiser, Corellian Death Ray or intergalactic plague about to wipe out life on this little dirt ball.
  5. It's that bad in Canada? You've gotta wear a blaze orange jumpsuit, hat and gloves just to go fishin'? Even in Alabama, we know that deer don't operate boats (although, I have heard of bass fishermen getting shot over cutting a man's trotline).
  6. Garth, you live on the self-proclaimed "Redneck Rivera". You're just jealous that they have more last names than you do.
  7. I come here to to the Saloon to relax, not discuss politics. I gave up on the Wire long ago and leave the political stuff for other sites.
  8. Simply telling them, "Your replacement won't treat me like that," seems to work, too. Worked for Daddy for years until we came up with some comebacks.
  9. They use the same word as English but they give them different meanings. "Liberation", in this case, means they kick out whoever is in charge and take over.
  10. Mars Attacks is a big budget spoof/tribute(?) of the 50's sci-fi B-movies. It's supposed to be terrible.
  11. You know when you hit a knot in that old pine whether it's driving a nail, running a drill or cutting it with a saw. It's also a quick way to ruin a perfectly good drill bit or circular saw blade. Those nails ring like a bell and just refuse to move.
  12. The Chakmak is for burnishing the blade after use just like using a chef's steel. Sharpen the blade on a stone, use it and burnish it after use to straighten up the fine edge. You end up having to sharpen less doing it this way. The karda is for small work or fine cutting for when a foot of khurki is too much knife.
  13. He's just being a good global citizen- like Barry.
  14. Ripple and cranberry juice is Cripple, right?
  15. I refer to it as Mongolian Folk Metal. Traditional instruments and methods being applied to a modern music genre. I've always thought of Wolf Totem as being the Mongol's answer to the Maori haka. It's pretty much 5 minutes of Mongols talking smack. I know quite a few folks that added it to their workout music mix. They released a cover of Metallica's Sad But True as a single a few months ago. If you look it up on Youtube, read the comments- they are as entertaining as the music video.
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