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  1. Southerners go through the same thing. Yankees and Left Coasters move down South to get away from the craziness where they are from- and immediately want to remake where they are now into where they just left. If where you left was so great, then why did you leave? If you liked it so much, why not move back and quit trying to ruin my life, too.
  2. A good burrito should be about the size of your forearm and come with a knife and fork- so you can open it up and eat it down until you can fold it back up to finish it without it going everywhere.
  3. Ate at a Mexican place near Camp Lejeune one time (and only one time). Everything came with steamed veggies instead of refried beans and rice.
  4. I prefer Mexican restaurants or taquerias where the menu is in Spanish and where I'm usually the only Anglo in the place. That's where you find the best, most authentic food. If you go by during lunch time or just after 5 pm and there's a couple of trucks from some landscaping or concrete lying business out front, then you know it's good. The Latinos on them crews know what the food should taste like and ain't gonna waste their money on something that don't remind them of home.
  5. Well, that's one way to keep a cat off of the counters.
  6. And here I thought it was a thread dedicated to Widder's annual bath.
  7. I don't care if the sign is written on purple construction paper in orange crayon or whether it's got the force of law behind it or not. The property owner or renter has made their wishes clear. I'm not hypocritical enough to intentionally violate their right to control their property while claiming to do so as an expression of my own. I don't make a scene or hand out little cards. I just leave- and never come back. If asked why I walked in and immediately walked out, I point at the sign, wish them luck and tell them that they won't have to worry about me coming there ever again. Did it to a gas station out in the country outside Opelika a years ago. I saw the little sign in the window as I walked in and turned to leave. The owner saw me turn to go right back out and asked why, so I pointed at the sign and told him. I drive by the place 3 or 4 times a week and ain't stopped there since.
  8. It was also intended for the international market for sale in countries where you can't own a gun chambered in a cartridge used by the military or police. It's not a 9x19mm- because 9x19 doesn't have a rim. Never mind that it's ballistically identical and the only difference is the rim. It was definitely a swing and a miss but the concept seemed to be sound. .327 is what the .32 Mag ought to have been- and the failure of the .32Mag tainted the .327 in the minds of many.
  9. Just proves nothing is new these days. Aren't the numbers on the .30SC roughly the same as the .32WCF? The last 'latest and greatest' bottom feeder round (the .40S&W) was a duplicate of the .38WCF. Compare the period .38WCF velocities to the original .40 load. They are close enough that even the coroner won't notice the difference. I figger the .30SC will work as advertised. History shows the effectiveness of that diameter and weight bullet traveling at that velocity going all the way back to the 1880's. The JHP's that are going to be used are coming from Federal, Remington and Speer, so it's not like their designs don't have a proven track record. On the other hand, I also figger it's going to be snappy (have you noticed the operating pressure?) and pretty loud. Not quite .30Carbine pistol loud but disconcertingly loud if you ain't ready for it.
  10. I'm confused. (Yeah, I know. That's usually Alpo's thing but I thought I'd try it out.) The Mayor of Chiraq acts spitefully and vengefully by using/abusing the powers of her(?) office after confronting a business owner- in his place of business while it was open- that had the audacity to go to the news with something that embarrassed her(?). What's supposed to be surprising, again? It's Chicago! It's the Mayor of Chicago! The Mayor's office of Chicago has been a textbook example of abuse of power and overreach since the before the Daleys. Bug Eye Lightfoot is just continuing the tradition!
  11. I admit it. It was me. I had huevos con chorizo or lunch yesterday at a new place. It was a rough night but I think it was that rough.
  12. For the record, that was my second guess. After Fulmer left UT and they quit playing football, lots of Tennesseans jumped on the Alabama bandwagon, so I immediately thought of football.
  13. It wasn't tasty but there were very stringent regulations on portions and what was served when in the American and British Navies. Screwing with the rations was a quick way to end up with a mutiny on your hands. The biggest problem you had to worry about was your supply officer shorting, overcharging you or the logistics officer where ever you were victualing passing off bad food on you. The officers didn't do too badly since they could supplement stores out of their own pocket. You're not going to dine on fresh beef every day, but you can at least have high quality, recently preserved foods. Crew, on the other hand, got what they got and most of it was reconstituted, salt cured or, in the case of the hard tack or ship's biscuits, had been in the barrel so long that weevils got to it.
  14. I love all the calls for an 8 team playoff. I reckon that the rest of the country has so much fun getting embarrassed in the playoffs by SEC teams that they want the extra opportunities for more of their friends to experience it! I also enjoy the cries about having an all SEC championship and how it's "Not Fair". The answer to that is easy. Have 3 teams in the country outside of the SEC that are good enough and play a tough enough schedule to prove they are that good and there won't be 2 SEC teams in the playoffs. The playoff committee will use any even remotely plausible excuse to keep from having an all SEC championship they can get- if for no other reason than to shut up the whiners. Come on! They've put Notre Dame in there twice and look what happened to Cincy when they got their wish and got in. Out of respect for your Ohio brethren, we won't discuss OSU's playoff record (Play a cherry picked half of a schedule and get in? Really?). Even if there's 2 SEC schools in the playoffs, the answer is simple. Step up and beat them. And then you won't have us SEC fans ragging on you about being a bunch of wannabes. EDIT For them that don't know, I'm an Auburn fan, so this isn't some Alabama or UGA fan bragging. We play Alabama and UGA home and away every year- and, until this year, back to back with the occasional bye week between. Our two most hated rivals played Monday night for the NC, so I was rooting for the referees the whole night (Go Zebras!). And I still say that if you can't beat them on the field, then you need to step up your game. That's a fact of life in Auburn. Beating Bama and Georgia regularly will keep a head coach around longer than anything else on The Plains. With a contract extension and a pay raise. Tommy Tuberville was on his way out the door but two weeks later, after beating both of them on back to back weeks, ended up with a contract extension, a bonus, a raise AND they fired the AD that was trying to help get rid of him. Gus Malzahn extended his tenure at least 2 or 3 times by doing the same thing.
  15. That's because you can pretty much bet that what they are accusing folks of doing is exactly what they are doing themselves. Odd how their only consistency seems to be projection, but that's what I've noticed.
  16. You ain't gonna mistake a Dragoon for anything else. They are big guns. Walkers are 4 1/2 pounds and over a foot long and a 3rd Model, while not quite that big, ain't missed any meals either. They are all .44's, too. Baby Dragoons are smaller than normal- still with the more primitive, blocky lines but a bit smaller. Picture a Walker that was picked from the vine too early. They are usually. 31's, too, but the repro market made a .36, too if I remember correctly. If it's a just little smaller than a SAA or Ruger but about that size, then it's a '51. The grip contour of a '51 is the same as a SAA, too.
  17. Dude, I live in Alabama. I have no idea. Our idea of 'winter' is the highs fluctuating between the mid 40's and the mid 60's- with a day or two of rain between the two. If it snows at all (and I mean at all- flurries count as snow around here), we just stay home a couple of days until it's back in the 60's and it's melted.
  18. Uh, Bear, you did notice that the bottle of Jack was frozen, right? Notice that the bottle is up side down (or is that right side up in OZ?) but the Jack hasn't flowed down into the neck- because it's frozen. Not only is ol' boy havin' to dress like Nanook of the North but, where he is, even 80 proof alcohol freezes. That being said, I prefer Evan Williams anyhow. It's historic (the original Evan Williams started making bourbon in 1783), cheaper and I like the flavor better.
  19. That infamous US/AUS Exchange Rate doesn't sound so bad now, does it?
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