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  1. I waited 9 months before pulling the trigger on surgery. They went in and trimmed the disk and I felt great. Unfortunately I went back to work and within about 5 years of wearing the Sam brown my back was messed up again.
  2. I still have the one that was issued to me in the academy, when L.A.County switched to the Barretta I bought mine. It's the sweetest shooting revolver I've ever shot.
  3. I didn't have any cowboy guns. Just what I carried at work and a pump shotgun I got when I was a kid. Now I have two safes full of them.
  4. The moly coated is all I've ever used. Good price too.
  5. Looks like you are almost giving it away. I bought that rifle from Buds guns for $1050 and then sent it to Jim Bowie at the Cowboys and Indian store for the short stroke which was another $500. And I'm still waiting to get it back. If I hadn't done that, I'd be jumping on this deal in a heartbeat.
  6. Is this also an issue with the Uberties? I bought one and sent it off to Jim Bowie and I haven't shot it yet. So far all I've shot is Marlins.
  7. In California you have to prove intent to convict for murder.
  8. Photos would be helpful
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