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  1. When I first started 30 years ago, I was issued a model 15 combat masterpiece. Then we went to the beretta 92f and now I carry an M&P. With the Beretta I had to thumb the saftey before firing, the M&P dosen't have a safety. All law enforcement carries with a round in the chamber. I drives me CRAZY every time I see Hollywood showing someone drawing from their holster and then racking a round into the chamber.
  2. I gave away trager and bought the Green Mountain grill. Much happier.
  3. Just bought it. Haven't started it yet.
  4. Wow time flys when you're having fun.
  5. The one in chino crashed a few months ago.
  6. The thing I don't like about the 650 is the time it takes to change from small primers to large primers. I've been considering buying a 2nd 650 to have one set up for each. Now I think I'll get a 750. I spoke with Dillon and they said that they would eventually sell a stripped down version of the 750 missing the parts that are compatible with the 650. I think I'll wait for one them. They also said that In a couple of months they'll have an improved index block with the roller and over travel stop for the XL650.
  7. Where were you guys when I was trying to come up with a alias?
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