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  1. Sad News. Rush passed away this morning. I'm sure many of us here loved and respected him. Regardless of anyone's personal opinion, he leaves a huge legacy and will be blessed by millions. We will never see his equal again. Reverend Chase
  2. If you remove the trigger guard, you may find another screw going up through the trigger plate (in addition to the one under to opening lever.)
  3. Howdy Raylan, With all due respect to Lumpy, I know that many folks have pet choices for dies, but even if you don't want to use Lyman dies, you should consider their "M" neck expanding die. It opens up the case neck, then opens the case mouth a little more for smooth insertion of the cast bullet with reduced lead shaving. If needed, the die can be further adjusted to slightly flare the case mouth. By the way, I have had no problems using Lyman 45/70 dies for years. Rev. Chase
  4. So, I guess if one has a vaquero that has "Ruger" on the barrel, but no other markings it must be a Wes Flowers gun. (If I had any Rugers, that would be my story). My Rodeos have no markings on them so they must be Wes Flowers guns also. Rev. Chase
  5. Howdy Tell Tale, Heres what works for me. I keep the standard mid sight for cowboy stages with the tang sight down. I sight in the tang sight for long range. I found that for normal cowboy stages the std mid sight is quicker, if you use it at all. The tang sights longer sight radius provides greater accuracy for long range. One other thing: don't worry it the peep is fuzzy when sighting. Just look at the front sight. You will instinctively center your eye in the aperture without any conscious effort. Put the front sight on the target and that's where the bullet will go. Ya just got
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