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  1. I had several issues with the carrier of a 44WCF '73 not wanting to rise smoothly during my last match.  Not every round but several.  Carriers works smoothly when no rounds are on it.


    I was using 174 gr TCFP but am out so switched to 200 gr RNFP.


    I was really concentrating on making sure OAL was good so I made three rounds and went outside to make sure they would cycle = did so with no problems but I noticed there was a little more recoil.


    Loaded up 50 rounds Clays powder and 200 gr bullets.


    I called myself checking the powder charge before I started, but...


    After I was finished I threw another charge and weighed = 5.5 grains.


    Maximum charge listed for the 44WCF with Clays is 5.0 grains.:(

  2. 16 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

    I like 165Gr RNFP from Scarlett, Missouri Bullet, or Badman. 

    I have and use Barnstormers.


    That said, do you have a link to any of the 165 gr bullets you mention?  I can't find them.

  3. 8 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Plus you probably will get to talk to Ruby or Misty :wub:

    I'm embarrassed to say this, but I forget who it was I talked to.  Is there another lady that works in the office because I don't think it was either of them.

  4. 6 hours ago, watab kid said:

    only insight i have is recovering things that pass through the ice here on lakes - not cheap and can result in legal ramifications , 

    Thanks. I hope to not have that problem on the MS Gulf Coast.


    Sand and various kinds/consistencies of mud are what we deal with.

  5. 7 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    As shovels they suck. Carry a shovel.

    Have at least 4. 8 is better. 

    General rule of thumb is the better the warranty the better the boards will stand up to prolonged use.

    Carry a cable or chain leash that you can attach to each board to facilitate recovering them after use. Especially true when using them in mud. 


    I have a small folding shovel in the Jeep and I'm putting one of those Spetznaz shovels in the truck.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    Best recovery will always be to use good sense about where your vehicle will go/not go in the first place, unless you just like spending your day problem solving in the mud.   Having a second vehicle along on the adventure helps too, as does a cell phone.  



    One range I frequent is built on an old landfill. Over three years it has settled and instead of being nice and level there are "rolling hills" and the depressions hold a lot of ground water.  With the amount of rain we get, it's almost like a bog sometimes.


    There are many SASS ranges where a driver could find themselves in a similar situation with mud or sand.


    I had a one ton van that got stuck in my mom's driveway several years ago after a very light snow.  The incline was just enough that wheels were just spinning because they couldn't get traction.


    Has nothing to do with knowing where your vehicle will or will not go.


    My truck is 4x4 with locking rear differential and two front tow points.  Not all vehicles have tow points anymore, though.


    I'm looking for some "insurance" so that if something happens in the future I'm not trying to figure out what I can use to do a job in which a manufactured product is designed to do.

  7. 1 hour ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:


    19 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    See 'em everywhere tied on 4WD's now.


    9 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    Make a mud ladder. Cut a 2x4 tire wide and drill holes rope big near the ends. Make a rope ladder with the 2x4s as the rungs. Roll it up and put it in the back of your rig. 


    When you get stuck unroll the ladder in front of your tie for traction.

    I'll take this as three that don't/haven't used them.

  8. 43 minutes ago, Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life said:

    If you are a long time Cabela's patron you know what has happened. I have been shopping at Cabela's for at least 30 years, don't spend much there now. Quality on store branded stuff has dropped. They don't stock a lot of reloading, guns and hunting stuff compared with what they did before Johnny Morris took over. The help is terrible too, especially in guns, ammo and hunting stuff. 

    With as few experiences as I've had with Cabela's, guess it's good that I don't have one near me.


    The closest BPS is no less than 60 miles and it's the last place I go to look for powder, primers or even guns.  If I'm in the area with time to kill I might stop in.


    I've been blessed to have a couple of good LGSs that have always had better prices and selections on reloading components.  They usually also have the ability to get most any gun that BPS has at the same or better prices - not always, but usually.

  9. 1 hour ago, La Sombra said:

    It seems about every three months or so, some one asks for a "load for 45 Cowboy Special". Since C45S is considered a "wildcat" with no posted loads from the Powder Companies, maybe we need to create a "sticky thread" for the load or reloading of that round? I am loathe to respond to such threads for the OP to use the search function. It doesn't seem like the Cowboy Way. (But it is the right answer.)


    La Sombra

    I've posted in several threads on not just C45S but also 38 Special and 12-Gauge.  Then a little time has gone by and I've tried to search for those threads with no luck.  I've never had great results using the search function with the SASS Wire.

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  10. I didn't see this posted yet.


    I received an e-mail with the following text:


    To our valued customers,


    A year ago, Sportsman’s Warehouse entered into a merger agreement with Great American Outdoors, parent company of Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. Effective December 2, 2021, that merger agreement was terminated. We at Sportsman’s Warehouse are excited to continue operating as a separate, independent and publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: SPWH).


    As we enter 2022, we look forward to continuing our strong growth – adding more stores, improving Sportsmans.com, and expanding our product assortment and services. Our mission to provide outstanding gear and exceptional service remains unchanged.


    Gear up for unforgettable!


    Jon Barker


    Sportsman’s Warehouse

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  11. The Peacemakers will hold our annual match, Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin' III on Saturday, April 30, 2022.
    This will be a one day, six stage match and entry will include lunch.  
    All six stages will feature a throw-back from matches from days gone by; this may include target placement, target types and off-the-clock actions to name a few.
  12. 2 hours ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

    in case ya don't like , hang around for a spell , it WILL change 


      CB :rolleyes:

    Yep.  No jacket today - just long sleeves.


    High of 65°F today and 71°F tomorrow.

  13. 10 lbs per month is a lot.


    With limits, nothing in moderation is bad for you and anything you over-do can be bad for you.


    Weight loss and maintaining is a lifestyle change - not a diet.


    Cutting out most sugar and carbs is a good start.  Doing some cardio is also recommended.


    Not knowing your health/medical history, I recommend asking your doctor.


    No offense to you, but the first four to six weeks of the year is the worst time for me at the gym.  The next several weeks will see an influx of "new" members at most every gym that will spend more time sitting than exercising.  After showing up two or three times a week for a month or month and a half and not seeing results (because they're not pushing themselves at the gym and/or changing their eating habits) they'll quit coming to the gym until next year.


    From Dec 1999 until Aug 2003 I went from 145 pounds to 210.


    I retired from the Navy in 2013 at ~205 lbs and that's when I got serious about getting in better shape.  I cut out all sodas and rarely drink sweet tea - plain water, black coffee and Gatorade/Powerade (low sugar versions).  Bread is my downfall.  I don't necessarily eat anything specific, and I haven't cut anything out, I try to eat everything in moderation and try to not eat more than a serving per meal.  I am in the gym 3-5 times a week for 1 1/2 hours at a time; I'm currently up to 45 minutes cardio on a stationary bike (that's right at 13 miles, with the bike set on level 8 and random hills) and light weights to maintain range of motion.


    I'm down to ~185 pounds now and would like to get down to 175.

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  14. 1 hour ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    The 450 Bushmaster is tempting for the .452 bullet options vs the .458 lead options in the 45-70.  45 Colt also uses the .452 bullets.  


    Several of these big-bore cartridges, the vast majority of available bullets are for pistols.  Driving these pistol bullets at rifle velocities doesn't usually work well in terminal performance.


    That was (may still be) a problem with the 444 Marlin (.429" bullet) as well as the 50 Beowulf (.500" bullet) and 450 Bushmaster (.452" bullet); much less selection of bullets designed to be shot at higher velocities.


    Bullet development for the 460 S&W Mag and 500 S&W Mag have directly affected the performance capability of the 450 Bushmaster and 50 Beowulf.


    The 458 SOCOM does have the largest selection of bullets available, if the shooter can use/wants that cartridge.


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