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  1. I have always liked this bit of humor. It’s definitely worth putting here. It’s not exactly like the first time I heard but it’s definitely good enough.
  2. If it “can’t get stuck” don’t let my idiot brother in law near it. What a flippin’ Maroon. He was in the National Guard. He was always doing the impossible through stupidity. Whenever he went out on extended duty I was always surprised he would come back. I figured someone would shoot him in a Friendly Fire incident. My wife commented one day when I said that “But we aren’t at war. Why would that happen?”. I said “Not sure but I wish it would.” I hated and still hate that moron.
  3. I would honk, pass them and point back to their trailer in a frantic motion. I can be funny too…
  4. I wanted a Buell for so long. I couldn’t afford one. Once I could afford one they were out of business.
  5. I have heard good things about those Venoms. They look great. The last 2 tire sets I have purchased are the Michelin Road 5. It was rated as the best wet weather tire made and I believe it. They also provide very good all around traction except for gravel and wet grass…or dry grass on a hill. The problem I am having with the Road 5s is because most of the riding I do is on twisty country roads the centerline of the tires is still in very good shape. The sides of the tire near the 2-2.5” center band are softer. They are wearing away and the back tire is cupping. The front is starting to as well. I can feel it and turns with really smooth pavement. It’s not really a hazard but it feels odd and I know I am not getting the best traction in curves because of it. I will definitely let you know how I feel about the Mutants. I may get them in January. My birthday is coming up then.
  6. That is how people drive in Southern California. That dude was high. Probably on heroin…the driver. Actually, the motorcyclist is lucky he ended up on a moving car. I rewatched the video. That is so weird. That is the same exact model and color of the car that cut over hit me in 2019. It was a young girl that hit me in her parent’s car. I wonder if the police got the dude for 1. Reckless driving - crossing the yellow line into Diamond Lane. 2. Reckless endangerment. 3. Not entering carpool lane in the proper zone. 4. No insurance. 5. Driving high. 6. Just being a dumb m*****f*****.
  7. Hey @Blackwater 53393 I think these are going to be my next set of tires. Dunlop “Mutant”. Of course the bloggers / writers make them seem better than I will bet they are, but they have some aggressive tread. https://www.webbikeworld.com/dunlops-new-mutant-tires-are-built-to-take-on-all-terrains/
  8. All the signs point to a nation of dorks…
  9. That Husky was hilarious! Thanks for that one @Chantry
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