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  1. 36 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:

    I've had several guns with the same name - ****ing piece of ****. Don't have those guns any longer.


    I don't know what rifle that is but J-Bar is right about Wolfman!

    I have owned a few of those. “Owned” being the key word. I still have one, thus guaranteeing there will never be a gun buy back anywhere within 50 miles of where I live. 

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  2. I have 2 guns with names. 
    My S&W 327 Night Guard is called “Brutus”.

    My wife knows if I say “Go get Brutus” she knows exactly what to do. 
    I have named my new Henry “Rex Henricus X”

    Latin for King Henry the tenth, but in my case the “X” just stands for X, as in X model. 

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  3. Sometimes I have heard folks call their rifles “That damned rifle”, but usually they’re in a sour mood as they have lost something, like a match or trophy deer.


    I have no idea what the rifle pictured might be. 

  4. @Father Kit Cool Gun Garth when I lived in CA we had an Amazon Distribution Center about 3 miles away. Occasionally I received deliveries on the same day I ordered them if I ordered in the morning. Most orders were delivered the next day. 
    I figured that when we moved to WV that even next day delivery was a thing of the past.  I was surprised to find that I can and have gotten orders the next day on some things. The nearest distribution center is 77 miles from us. Sometimes it’s 2 or 3 days, but those items are usually things that most people wouldn’t order often. 
    I did get a surprise when I ordered Lee Breechlock Busings and some Hornady One Shot CLP one day in the afternoon and it was delivered the next day around noon. :)

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  5. Since moving to WV I have not had many packages get delayed or delivered to the wrong address due to personnel issues. 
    I have had packages delayed due to bad weather somewhere else in the country. 

    I had one package delivered to the wrong address. I got a notification from Amazon and UPS that the package “was handed to the customer” which it was not. I did some tracking of my own but hit a brick wall trying to find out which “neighbor” got my package. The UPS driver that day was a fill in as our normal driver was ill. 
    Amazon did replace the product, but I now know I have 1 dishonest neighbor. I have my suspicions, but that’s all I have.

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  6. I have had packages delivered to the wrong addresses by UPS, FedEx and USPS from Amazon. UPS and FedEx had short lived apps that showed you exactly where the delivery truck was in real time within a few seconds a few years back in SoCal. That ability to track was removed from the apps of both companies. Not sure why. 
    It’s very frustrating to be expecting a package then get a message that it’s nearby or has been delivered and you got nothing. 
    Heck, FedEx dropped one of my guns off with a neighbor up the street in Oregon. 
    I also had lazy delivery drivers that just headed off home or wherever when the Amazon app said “Your delivery is 8 stops away.” 

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  7. 37 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:

    oing to worry about it...nope....what for?



    I grew up in a paranoid environment and I could easily see my Dad going full hillbilly prepper along with all his friends. For years after leaving home I worried about Soviet Invasion, nuclear war, Fed Govt entities, etc.

    Then one day I decided that I wasn’t important enough or bad enough for Fed attention. The Soviet issue fizzled. The Deferal Govt doesn’t actually have concentration camps for me and my ilk.

    As it stands my wife and I keep about 2 months worth of supplies. I have guns and ammo. 
    If the Sun blasts us with mega EMI and everything goes down the tubes, so be it.  It just ain’t worth worrying about. 

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  8. Scammers? No. I am not aware of any that are Pro 2A

    I donate to the NRA, the NRA ILA and the NRA PVC. 

    I used to donate to the FPC and CRPA. Both good organizations, but CRPA is in CA. I no longer live there. The FPC? I had to make a decision. I don’t make the money I used to so someone had to lose out. FPC was the one. 

  9. I have 3 solar apps on my iPhone. When I first downloaded them some of the pictures or views of the sun truly made me sit up and go “What the heck is that?”. Then I found an app called “MagStorms”. This app put the other 2 apps into perspective. 
    Space Weather and Solar Weather are fascinating apps. MagStorms is the one I use to see if the dramatic photos are bad dramatic photos. 


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