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    I am working up a BAMM F N  Mauser 98 Columbian 30/06 and tried some stripper clips but they must not be 98 specific.  They fit 5 rounds and seem correct on width of the slot.  When I try to load the clip can go down in the magazine and the nose of the bullets can hang on the feed ramp.  Any Ideas?


    What is the target distances you shoot in your matches?

    Thanks Fordyce

    1. Baltimore Ed

      Baltimore Ed

      I’m afraid that I can’t help you with your mauser, I’ve never owned one. My BAMM rifles are either krags or ‘03 Springfields. Our range is pretty wide but only about 50 yds deep. I wish we used smaller targets than what the match director chooses. It would separate the men from the boys. Good luck on your rifle but you might have to think outside the box to get something to work with your case being a .30-06 and the rifle’s stripper guides being for a mauser caliber. 

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