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  1. Thanks for all the info. Sounds like you have quite the collection of Lightnings.
  2. I have been wanting to pick up a lightning in .45 Colt. What brand is yours? How do you like it? Action work?
  3. Now that is a down right awesome grouping. I had never seen a take down mares leg. That is pretty nifty.
  4. Interesting. I have not seen a Mare's Leg in a Take Down configuration. Have any pics?
  5. Just another thing that was an '"extra" draw to the sport is the overall comradery. In other shooting sports if you break a gun you are usually done. You won't be getting any help from the competition. In SASS it was just the opposite. People bend over backwards to lend you a backup gun if something happens, help you out on the stages and a host of other things. I would hate to lose that by turning the sport into another run of the mill shooting sport. I assume we are in good hands though.
  6. Remember the show Cowboys? That is how I learned about it and fell in love with it. Watching Tequila and the many guests on the show go over SASS related topics was wonderful. I think YouTube or other video platforms are the way to gain exposure these days.
  7. Interesting photo. Just FYI, a tintype and a carte de visite are two different things with the tintype obviously being metal and the carte de visite being on card stock.
  8. Yeah, It gets so hot here in South Louisiana that you can hardly stand to be out there. Much less holding on to a pair of pistols. Checkered grips help some. Have heard good things about McClades hand chalk.
  9. I have not done it on an 86 but on my 92s the way I lightened the loading gate is to take out the spring and relieve some metal along each side. The more metal you take off the lighter it will be but you don't want to take off too much. The 86 may be similar. Edit: Actually looks like the loading gate on an 86 is completely different from the 92. I'd bet you can still relieve some metal from the main spring (Part number 39) though and get it lighter.
  10. Now that is a beautiful Marlin. Details?
  11. Didn't know him but prayers for his family and friends during their hard time.
  12. Now that is a great looking hat.
  13. Just wanted to say that JFN is a good seller and the shipping was fast. The grips fit my gun very well. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the photo and info Larsen. That ramp looks much better. Gives me an idea of what I'm shooting for as I try to correct this one.
  15. I plan on trying to knock it down some.
  16. Yes. I put one shell in to be able to see where it is catching and it is def stopping at the place where it would be to catch that rim. Its a very small rim but I do believe that is the culprit. Was using Winchester brass.
  17. I actually did just this. I wish I would have seen your comment sooner. Could have saved me a couple min.
  18. The gap is in the back though. I’ll post some photos after while. The gap though is between the rear of the cylinder and the back from where the hammer is.
  19. I recently bought a brand new 1851 RM Conversion and finally got to put a little over 100 rounds through it yesterday. Gun shoots good but I kept running into a problem. The gun is in .38spl which I am not nearly as familiar with because I normally shoot .45s. When I load the cartridges in the cylinders they slide back and fourth. When the barrel is tipped up they will back out of the cylinder and cause the gun to not want to rotate. It binds up the hammer and wont let the gun cock. Also when I tip the gun up to use the ejector some of the empty brass moves enough to cause this problem again. Its quite frustrating and while the gun shoots well enough I could not see using this in any sore of timed fashion because of this problem. When loaded I can shake the gun front to back and the shells move about in the cylinders a good bit. Any idea why this is? How do I fix it?
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