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  1. The way the forge is set up, the burner enters at the bottom and is supposed to make a spiral around the crucible, But I did notice that the top of the crucible and the brass there started glowing first. Even when I was curing the crucible empty I noticed it heated from the top down. The only real adjustments I can make are to the propane pressure and the air intake. The instructions didn't give any details about settings,. Here is the video which is the only instructions that came with the forge. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SuNc5DGm-U8&feature=youtu.be I appreciate any suggestions any one has.
  2. Well I just tried my first melt and it didn't work. Here are the details and I welcome any suggestions about what I may have done wrong. I have a Cast Masters 5KG propane forge. I prepared the crucible according to directions and it seemed to work fine. I filled the cold crucible with spent brass and placed it in a cold forge. I had a temp probe from an electronic thermometer placed about halfway down inside the crucible. I fired up the forge and adjusted it till it sounded good and had just some flame coming out of the exhaust hole of the forge. After about 10 minutes the temp read 1800 degrees F. Looking into the exhaust hole I could see the brass and crucible all glowing red hot but the brass wasn't melting, just turned red and glowed. I waited another five minutes and looked again and this time I noticed that it looked like the brass was burning, not melting. I used a stirring stick and when it touched the shells they just fell apart like a coal from a burning log. I let it go another five minutes and looked again. Other than the ones I had disturbed with the stirring, brass was still holding its shape and bright red. I figgered something must be wrong so I dumped the crucible into a pan and saw that there was lots of powder type yellow & white residue and ashes. A few clumps of melted metal but it wasn't flowing. I am attaching a picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Great information fellers. Buffalo, we miss you folks! Come see us.
  4. Howdy Fellers, Guess I been watching too much “Forged In Fire” TV show cause I have picked up a hankerin’ to do some brass casting. I figgered in this bunch of pards I would find someone with some tips about melting spent brass from our sport to make stuff. I have a few questions: Is it necessary to deprime cases before melting? I heard that the primers are mostly brass. Don’t know if the anvil part of the primer is brass or steel but I figger it is so small it would either float to the top with the dross or sink to the bottom with the dregs. Is it best to tumble them clean first? Or does the melting burn off any residue? I am doing the melting/casting outdoors so not concerned about fumes and am only doing small batches (3-5#’s). Is there any need to flux the brass? I hear lots about it but for just making ingots or doo dads is it really necessary? I have some iron ingot molds to cast in. Any special treatment or prep needed before I pour into them? I know they must be bone dry. I might play with doing some sand casting of small plaques. Any tips or ideas you have for that? I appreciate in advance any advice and help y`all can give me. Ozarks Jim SASS#69618 Arkansas Leadslingers
  5. The Arkansas Leadslingers never cancel. We have 2 different enclosed stages where we have propane heaters set up. We have had shoots when it is below zero and when we had 26 inches of snow on the ground. We are lucky in that the county keeps the road plowed. Obviously we don't have big turnouts on those days but that means there is plenty of room inside for everyone to load and unload out of the cold and wind. We have portable targets set up where we can change things up so we can shoot all 6 stages with out doing the same look on any of them. Northwest Arkansas is in the Ozarks so we have our share of winter weather but our little town is down in a valley so it blocks most of the wind and heavy snowfall. Love to have y`all come on out and visit us snow, rain or sunny, it don't matter.
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