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  1. Back about 15 years ago, I had a Browning hi-wall. Great rifle. One time, I was shooting at a buffalo across the lake at Railhead in Williams, AZ. The first shot I hit the buffalo and the spotter with a scope called out "hit on the head." I proceeded to hit it the next nine times in the same spot. When I was done shooting, the spotter asked me why I continued to shoot at the head when the body was so much bigger. I answered, "Well, I couldn't see the darned thing, so I just kept shooting at the same spot." Anyway, back when I had mine, i understood that the Pedersoli only put the hammer on half-cock when you levered the round out, where the Browning/Winchester put the hammer on full cock. Not much time to cock the rifle, but having it on fulll cock when ejecting the round would save you a fraction of a second on each round...
  2. Here's mine. The one in the top center is a Hamilton railroad watch that my dad used while he was a bus driver in the 50s.
  3. Yeah, I thought it was high when it was 1100!
  4. looks like $1 gold pieces are running about $550, double eagles ($20) are at $2300 and up. Good luck!
  5. Might want to move this to the Classifieds.
  6. No, but they were made at Doc's Saddlery in Las Vegas a number of years ago.
  7. Howdy Maverick, yes they will. I'll pm you my info. Thanks!
  8. Howdy Pards! I've got a pair of custom made chinks for sale. They are made from high quality leather. Length is about 25" not counting fringe and waist is very adjustable to up to about 53" Price is $220 shipped, USPS money order of personal check please. Thanks for lookin! Lower price $200 shipped!
  9. Howdy Pards! Cleaning out the old gun safe and came across this 12 ga Rossi hammered double coach gun that I don't need anymore. I had the barrels hard chromed inside and out to make it easier to clean. Barrels are 20 inches. It's in great shape and just waiting for some cowboy to use! Price is $495 plus $75 for shipping in a hard case FFL to FFL. USPS money order preferred but will take a personal check (will wait to ship till it clears).
  10. I would suggest a 270 Moderate recoil, ammo is available almost anywhere and lots of rifles to choose from. As mentioned above, the OP is going to have to determine how much recoil he can stand. I will say, I've had two rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders (4 total), not the same as a replacement though, and can shoot a 30-06 quite easily.
  11. Howdy Dawg! Doing okay, got a little back problems and arthritis as mentioned. No rust, corrosion or pits anywhere on the pistols. I'm sending you a pm.
  12. The second one (serial # xxx50) is 1999 and the third one (xxx83) is 2000. Thanks for asking!
  13. Hi Dale, I'm more than happy to sell you #2, but if you are interested in getting both, let me explain about Uberti's finish on the frame. Their fake case hardening finish could be very uneven and thin, with more gray color showing even when brand new. The remaining two 1860s were bought at the same time and both came with that faded gray finish on the frame. It's not a sign of excessive wear on these revolvers. Hope this helps!
  14. Sorry pard, the 800 was for all three. The other two are still available for $600.
  15. Howdy Pards! Well, as luck would have it, I find that my arthritis is not conducive to using my 1860 revolvers anymore. I've got three Uberti 1860s in 44 caliber sold by Taylor's with the exceptional charcoal blue finish. Used for a few matches and cleaned very well following each match (no dishwasher cleaning ;0)), Treso nipples. Check out the photos below. One shows some oil on the finish but is okay. I'd like $300 each shipped to your door where allowed by law. USPS money order or personal check okay (will have to wait for the latter to clear). Buyer needs to attest that they can legally own cap and ball and show proof of age. Pics 1&2 of pistol xxx80 Pics 3&4 are of pistol xxx50 pics 5&6 are of pistol xxx83
  16. Is this a rifle or smoothbore? The reason I ask is that the sideplate is typical of an Indian Trade Gun, a smoothbore type gun.
  17. Howdy pards! Drifter and Wade, sent you pms.
  18. Howdy Pards! I'm looking for some 45-70 jacketed bullets to use for hunting ammo in my Marlin 1895 lever gun. Anyone got anything?
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