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  1. We all know a bear does, pretty sure a deer does also.
  2. Probably wouldn't trip an FPE or Zinsco breaker due to the resistance. Same basic principle as a light bulb or heating element. There would be a entirely new chapter written for the NEC Electrical Code book and PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pickles) would probably protest claiming that pickles are being subjected to electric shock torture....but I don't like pickles, so lets do it!
  3. That must have hurt during the decal heat transfer. I would have tucked my necklace in.
  4. They actually make jeans like that, with the torn knees and other parts of the pants. You wouldn't believe the prices of them either. I did some work at an "upscale" clothing store and saw the price tag for jeans exactly like that...$250 to 375. I asked if people really bought them. The reply was that they were one of their best sellers. I'd rather see a girl (good looking one too) carrying a chamber flagged AR w/loaded magazine that knows how to use it than an unarmed victim such as those back in October.
  5. Eyyye, don't wanna be stuck to a pole all niiiigght...I partied tooooo long todayyy....
  6. Do the raised letters on the sidewall say Home Depot?
  7. Yeah...ever have one of those times that you wished a horse could read sign language?
  8. Strange how they only sold the firearm related portion of the business. I hate to say it, but it sounds like a woke agenda on one of the companies part. The article also states that the (selling) parent company lost $11 million in the last quarter. Hard to stay in business with those type of losses.
  9. Virgin sacrifice would have been even more effective...if you could find one.
  10. I've got a secret solution to the cat and Christmas tree dilemma.
  11. You obviously don't travel much in Florida. The red lane shown is for retirees, New Yorkers and Canadians that have their cruise control set at whatever the speed limit is. The yellow lane shown is for the same group only their cruise control is set at 1 mph lower than the speed limit. The green lane shown is the passing lane in most instances.
  12. I have enjoyed this thread immensely. With every song, I associate a memory with it...some good, some not so good, some long hidden and some with some regret...but all with a nostalgic retrospect. Thanks Kris!!
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