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  1. Looks like Midol...which kind of explains the machete, rope and duct tape.
  2. And now you're either cold, sunburnt or both...and still broke.
  3. Billy Gibbons, with his beard tucked into his t-shirt.
  4. He's in for a surprise when he gives the "dog" a belly rub.
  5. So much for the Sounds of Silence.
  6. Snaking out the toilet while he's s itting there.
  7. At least there's no ketchup on it. yet.
  8. Deathtraps. That's what I'd call 'em.
  9. I see Fred started wearing shoes.
  10. They forgot the Ch between the r and the y.
  11. He's screwed, it's gonna take way longer to clean this and the rest of the messes up. Another reason to have a cat or dog...blame it on them. At least, that's what I heard.
  12. I don't know about CGI. It may have been before CGI could do what they do today. I saw this video about 15 years ago (mol). I recognized the chimp with the AK in Pat's photo and found the video on YouTube.
  13. It's still delivering the mail.
  14. Buford drove a Pontiac. I do see the A-Team's van there. Guarantee they'll be 500 bullets sprayed around the neighborhood with no injuries or damage to the surrounding area...FOOL.
  15. Figures it's up north. In Florida, it would be "Drive with pie". Pecan pie for me. Damn it, now I have to go get a pecan pie...in these Winter conditions!
  16. Hey, Bulgarian women need love too...and a banana .
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