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  1. One good thing Joe...Waldo has been found.
  2. Sure they are...you just didn't pick the right team. Boy, it sure got out of hand quickly. Only one problem with jumping out to an early lead...there's still 6.5 innings left.
  3. Evidently, some folks think they have monetary value... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4432023.m570.l1313&_nkw=sass+belt+buckle&_sacat=0
  4. 99.9999999% of the World's population could care less about belt buckles or plaques.
  5. If Garcia is injured, that is a huge blow for the Rangers. That was one great throw to home, on target and in time. Helped that the runner didn't bother to look at the third base coach though...still a big out though and no run scored. Go Rangers!
  6. Coincidentally, this was in one of the online news sites that I look at in the morning. The last prison ship in the US is being shut down. Last operating US prison ship, a grim vestige of mass incarceration, set to close in NYC (baynews9.com)
  7. Boy, a ton of great defensive plays tonight by both teams. Pretty good game overall too. Rangers 2 wins, 2 to go. Go Rangers!
  8. Look at the entry fees for any large match, everything from State Championship to the World Championship. Those awards aren't cheap and match fees reflect it. Does SASS really need 56 (mol) categories?
  9. Since this is your first post on these forums, I STRONGLY suggest reading the Scammer thread pinned at the very top of the Classifieds on this forum. Be very aware that PMs (private messages) stating that they, or a friend, have exactly what you are looking for are likely to be scammers.
  10. Billy Gibbons and his wife? Just kiddin.
  11. Gotta get it back to base somehow...Duh...
  12. Looks more like the entire left side of the defensive line.
  13. Same exact sentiments here! The very fact that LaPierre is still at the helm is a travesty to what the NRA once was.
  14. On the game last night...I found the three idiot kids dressed in the banana costumes to be VERY annoying and distracting. I just enjoy watching a baseball game, not three teenage idiots with zero respect for the game. The kids parent or grandparent, whoever was there with them, shares just as much blame. $6,000 a seat to act like punks...
  15. Why do these undesirable countries need to buy guns? Biden and company give them away, give them money to buy them from other countries or just plain leave them military guns anyway.
  16. 1 - Reese's Cups 2 - Almond Joy 3 - Snickers 4 - Green Lifesavers 5 - Mr. Goodbar
  17. Ended as a 9 - 1 game. Oh well, Go Rangers on Monday. The D's looked good at bat and great on defense, Rangers just didn't look good at anything tonight. Oh, I don't know if Joe likes being called Shirley or not...it is near Halloween though.
  18. Only one seat belt is needed as they won't sit next to anyone either, which is kind of a good thing.
  19. My gal sells a lot of craft items and other stuff. We save the bubble packaging, both small and large bubbles, for repacking her items to ship. She even saves the Amazon bubble mailers for the same type use. I still can't resist popping a few bubbles though.
  20. They already sent me an Email...said You're Fired.
  21. Gonna be hard to see that as there are only three games left. Yer right though, other than a couple of (imo) questionable strike calls and one overturn(?), a well officiated game, some spectacular defensive plays and an overall good game of baseball. Looking forward to tonight.
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