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  1. Thanks Bill, that's the same way that the A1 is made also. I was very impressed with the overall quality, fit and finish. The sights and grips leave something to be desired but can be replaced. If I was younger, I would have bought more of them and just sat on them for 20 years. At $299 + tax/shipping...just can't beat it.
  2. I'd hold onto that Clays. Plenty of other powders out there for SG shells.
  3. As much as a chopper costs to operate for two days along with the so-called snipers' fees, you'd think that hiring some wranglers to go out on horseback armed with large caliber pistols w/suppressors would be more humane, effective and economical. Pay them XX amount per horse and be done with it.
  4. Sounds like my ex-mother in-law's side of the family.
  5. What makes you think that they're women's?
  6. No, I don't. I know your post is in jest but I think that people should be hired because they are the most qualified for the job not because they were stupid enough to cover their face in tattoos and sooner or later had to get a job to feed themselves. Who knows, she may be a great candidate for a certain job. When I used to hire electricians to do residential/commercial service work, I had to look at the entire picture of not just ability and knowledge but also how this person would represent the company to the public. This woman may have been the best service electrician in Florida...but there's no way that I could have her representing the company in a service capacity with the facial tattoos. She would be relegated to commercial construction only directly because of her choice to have her tattoos on her face. Could this be discrimination? Maybe, but she made that choice, not me.
  7. You got a whatever that is on the side Steve?
  8. When was the last time that you PERSONALLY underwent a BATFE audit? Was it recently? If not, how many years ago was it. If your contention is that only FFL's can have an opinion, then Phantom's and Creeker's opinions are really the only one that matters as they are the only posters on this thread that (evidently) hold current FFL's. The only thing that Phantom stated was concerned competing businesses, not BATFE audits. Creeker's observations were directly about BATFE audits, business competition and practices. I believe him when he states that most of the agents are just doing their job and have no underlying motives. I can't say that I have the same belief in their bosses though. I've never undergone a BATFE audit because I'm not an FFL holder. I did, however, have a lengthy conversation with the owner of a local gun store last Thursday, 12/14/23 who told me what I stated earlier. Had another long conversation with another LGS owner in November and a different owner in October with the same story. Prior to that, I spoke with 2 other owners earlier in the year that said the same thing. Do all of these different owners all have a undercurrent agenda? Huh, must be some kind of conspiracy. They are all still in business after these audits so they obviously had their paperwork in order, but their opinions' don't carry any weight as they aren't in line with yours? You're the one that needs to "get over yourself".
  9. I'm not suggesting any improprieties, Maybe "subjected to" wasn't the proper term to use. I'm simply saying that these audits have become far more numerous and studious than in years past based upon feedback that I receive from that actual store owners themselves. Me, I don't have a problem understanding the writing on the wall.
  10. Actually, I think it was about the time that they need to have Old Spice Soap on a Rope.
  11. Must have been one HELLEVA back rub!
  12. Depends on what you deem a "credible source" doesn't it. Are you a credible source? I talk to the owners of the local gun shops that I visit, every one of them has been "audited" within the last two years. They have all told me that many other FFLs in the area had been subjected to this also. It's all writing on the wall...guess it all depends on one's way of reading it.
  13. Crocodile hunter's wife...Florida style.
  14. Don't forget that almost all of the smaller gun stores have been harassed, hounded and conspicuously singled out for "audits" by BATF for the last three years also.
  15. Nope, Homeland Security Geiger Counter.
  16. Uhhh, I don't think that's a microphone.
  17. And then it's one eyed fun and games.
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