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  1. Thanks Muley Gil! Maybe I can shake one out from a SASS member or dig one up on eBay.
  2. Thanks- I wish it were closer to the 1880, but the profile and handle have some differences. I appreciate the tip!
  3. That's the one- I've reached out to the seller in the second link but the email bounces back. I'll see if I can get anywhere via phone. Thanks for the link, I appreciate it!
  4. Thanks- I've been able to find originals that are definitely up there in price, but the repros have proven a little more difficult to find without being out of stock.
  5. They sound like nice knives, but I'm looking for the military knife from Hostiles specifically. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have an M1880 knife that they'd be willing to sell, either repro or original? PM me please! Also, alternatively, if anyone has a link to where a repro might be bought, that would also be good. My google-fu failed me.
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