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  1. I have a fraternity brother that was a lawyer in Mississippi until he got caught "redirecting client funds" and he refused to answer a judge and spent nearly 2 years in state custody on the contempt charge, mostly in solitary confinement. 6 years of Federal prison and now on parole in Alabama and aware that entering Mississippi's jurisdiction means a return to the hole until that Judge is off the bench. Civil contempt is open ended. Criminal Contempt will generally have a specific sentence
  2. you are correct, I remembered about 3 this morning. A picture of 3 potholes that looked a bit phallic. I'd like to hear from the moderators as to whether it was the photo or a subsequent posting
  3. and I have no clue as to what I said that may have been closed or removed
  4. Maybe I should weld some crap on my beater truck and start dressing like Mad Max
  5. a ricochet might not penetrate as well with pure lead bullets, but mostly it is just hollyweird
  6. Leaves of three let it be. https://newbieprepper.com/which-leaves-makes-the-best-toilet-paper/
  7. pull the buttstock and clean action thoroughly
  8. There are folks I'd sell one for a dollar, but I wouldn't loan one. (I do have a fair number of cheap shotguns)
  9. Lawman, I'm stealing this Widder, no wonder you are so fast, in high school in 1969, 11 seconds would have been an age record and very respectable in most competitions. UB praying for your wife and family every day-I don't have the heart to pick on you Imis, was it in the back of a truck at the time?
  10. I have placed all the adult beverages in my house in each of the rooms and tonight I am going bar hopping
  11. This may be his son and suggest he retired a Colonel https://curiosmith.com/pages/rev-joshua-n-danforth
  12. to extend the tp supply, take all the newspaper and run it through the dryer with some tennis balls to break it down and make it soft
  13. Not necessary at all unless you handload 500 grain bullets to insane pressures.
  14. or a steel cable on both sides run up to the handle at a 45 degree angle so that when you tilt it to roll the weight of the box isn't completely relying upon the handle where it is attached to the bottom. You have a tremendous stress point on that handle and it will break where it is attached and I would suspect it won't take more than a couple of matches. I suppose a handle of steel would also work.
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