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  1. SOLD This is a very nice factory magazine for the Remington Models 742 and 7400. Holds 4 rounds. Shows very little signs of use. While marked .270 Win., this magazine also works with .30-06, .35 Whelan and .280 Win. Not sure why they didn't just mark it as such, as they did with others. $80 SHIPPED.
  2. Not sure, but based on vintage, I'm going to say 2.5". And my original plan was to shoot Holy Black out if 2.5" Magtech. It just seems like the moral thing to do. LOL.
  3. Answers to questions. No, I have not fired this. It is an unfinished project and I have no other .410s. Repair to wrist is as solid as any gunsmith job, only not as pretty. Grain rose with Acetone and I put too much die in Acraglas. I followed all of the recommended steps for solid bind. Can be made better looking with additional sanding and oil. There is slight play in lockup, but this is not a hot loads gun, being it is pushing, if not past, 100 years old. I shoot trap loads in looser 12 gauges. But as ad says, would make a cool Junior Darksider gun.
  4. If you mean the Harpers Ferry pistols, they are .58. The Centennial guns were the correct .54, but scarce as hens teeth.
  5. SOLD This is a project that is essentially done. Stock could use another coat of oil. All parts are there. American Gun Company .410. Its 25.75" barrels are choked IC. LOP is 13.25". When I got gun it had a worn barrel finish and clean crack through wrist. I stripped barrels and browned them. They look really cool that way. Bores are mirror bright. The clean stock break was cleaned of oil and then glued using Acraglas. A brass bolt was inserted to further strengthen repair, even though I was assured the Acraglas was enough. probably needs additional sanding to smooth repair. Got one coat of Tung oil on stock and moved on. My loss is your gain. This would be a dandy gun for a budding Junior Dark Sider! How about $300 SHIPPED. Trades considered. This is a C&R gun.
  6. SOLD Not something you see every day. This is a very interesting and unique German marked cape gun. The browned 27.5" barrels are 16 gauge smoothbore and 20 gauge rifle (spiral). Bores are near mint. Finish on wood and metal are 95%+. Nice scroll engraving on locks, frame and triggerguard. The Lefechaux action locks up tight. Fixed rear single leaf rear and drift adjustable blade front sights. Has Belgian and German proof marks. Top of rib marked E. SCHWIEGER TORGAU. This is an ANTIQUE and ships direct to your door. $1050 Shipped. More photos available.
  7. SOLD This is one of the nicest rolling block actions I have seen. It is a Remington action that was on the early Swedish contract rolling blocks. Like many of these rifles, the barrel was plugged in the modern era so it did not count as a "firearm" in Sweden. The process of placing a weld in breech DID NOT affect the receiver itself. The media is essentially drizzled into a plugged chamber. The receiver has unmessed with screws and great case color. Action is crisp. Will come attached to 6" barrel stub for a gunsmith to take thread pattern from. This action is Rifle Ready! $350 SHIPPED.
  8. I am looking at options. I have a spring vice for muzzleloaders, but it ain't quite right. Maybe tiny needlenose vicegrips would work? Just needs to hook onto tumbler, but I keep flubbing it.
  9. SPF. A little background first. This rifle came out of the estate of well known Texas gunsmith Dessa "Flash" Ebert, best known for his work with competition .22 LR weapons. He also dabbled in other types of guns and was well known for his quality muzzleloaders which won many competitions. He died in 2011 and much of his collection lay unattended for a decade. This rolling block was purchased from the estate, along with several other rifles. Like a couple of the rifles, this was a work in progress. The consensus is that Mr. Ebert slightly over heated the receiver during case coloring, leading to finish loss and some rough surfaces. Something seen regularly in a botched case coloring process. The receiver has not been compromised. He appears to have put aside redoing the receiver and assembled the rifle as is, probably to make sure everything worked and fit. It has a heavy profile 28" barrel chambered in .40 2 1/0" (.40-65). The bore is pristine. The barrel has a couple of places where it seems the blue did not take or where it came into contact with some substance. It has no barrel sights, but it is dovetailed for a Rough and Ready rear sight, as well as front sight of your choice. It is fitted with double set triggers. The block has been bushed and smaller firing pin installed. The block retaining pin appears to have been intended to have a side lever installed, something Mr. Ebert never got around to. I will include a standard pin as well. It needs a button retainer and screw, available from rollingblockparts dot com. The hammer is odd, in that it has had its weight reduced by drilling two holes through it. Stocks are very nice, with raised cheekpiece and a Decellerator recoil pad. There is a small crack in underside of buttstock on right side near trigger guard. The only work I have done on this rifle is to begin removing the bad finish in preparation for smoothing and polishing (See Before Photos near end). Some parts, such as trigger guard, have some rust that needs attention. The rifle is perfectly functional and safe as is using its intended BLACK POWDER loads. The 1870 dated Husqvarna receiver is intended for BLACK POWDER ONLY. Just a little sweat equity and you will have a very fine rifle for less than you could build it for or buy. This rifle is an ANTIQUE and ships directly to your door for $700 total. This sight set came with roller. The tang sight was badly rusted and the bubble level on front had lost its oil! So I took them off. But the tang sight came out of the Evaporust great. Not sure what goes in level, but sight still functional without it. So these are part of package.
  10. Reduced This is an older build (1974). The name "GAYLORD LACY (?) 74" is engraved in script on underside of barrel. It is a .54 Hawken or Plains style rifle with a single trigger. It has a 35" heavy GR DOUGLAS barrel with good bore. Some very minor pitting, but nothing that would adversely affect accuracy or cleaning. Probably scrub to better. The Walnut stock shows some minor issues typical of a semi skilled builder, possibly building from kit parts. A few gap areas around lock and buttplate are filled with glue. Not heinous. Hand poured pewter nose cap. lt has a clean-out screw in breech opposite of nipple, which is handy. Basic buckhorn and blade sights. Nice, very solid hunting rifle that you won't worry about pampering. $525 SHIPPED. More pics available.
  11. SOLD This is an interesting ANTIQUE Norwegian combo/cape gun. It is 16ga/10mm. The 10mm is like a short .400 Purdy. Made by Ludwig Torgersen & Co in Christiana. The 25.5" barrels retain about 85% blue, with some loss of finish from carry or possibly some minor blood rusting. No deep pitting, Bores are bright. The 16 ga has 2.5" chambers. The rifle has straight case dimemsions of L 2.65, B .470, N.438, and bullet .404. For BLACK POWDER ONLY. Engraved sidelock and hammers. The Lefachaux action is very tight and strong. Stock is solid with some scrapes and nicks. No cracks. $675 SHIPPED direct to you.
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