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  1. SOLD Why give your child or grandchild a pink or blue Cricket .22 when you can give them a beautifully crafted, pre-WWII German rifle of heirloom quality? This BSW (Berlin Suhl Waffen) single shot .22 LR was made by the same company that built high quality K98 and .22 training rifles for Germany. It is Crown/B, U and G (BUG) proofed. It retains about 90% blue, with some thin spots. Some freckling, but no bad rust. The 24.75" barrel has a Good + bore that may clean better. It is KRUPP Steel. Action is smooth and has a spoon handle bolt. Matching numbers. Has a BSW stamped steel buttplate
  2. I imagine that Arkansas, where this would take place, has no over riding state laws?
  3. It is my understanding that I can legally ship a modern firearm to an individual in the same state without it going through an FFL. Is this correct?
  4. JUST PAY SHIPPING. These are unused I assume Vietnam era Alice utility suspenders. Near perfect condition. Comes with BONUS surprise! I will mail in padded envelope.
  5. SOLD This is a near MINT condition JM marked Marlin Model 336A .30-30 in original box with paperwork, lock and hammer extension. Bought this NOS a couple of years ago for wife. She shot three rounds at range and it has been in safe ever since. I would rate this gun as close to 100% as you can get without being brand new. Metal is flawless and wood has a minor ding on base of pistol grip. Serial number indicates a 2003 DOM. Hard to upgrade this one. Price reflects quality of this beautiful rifle. Ships to FFL. Make sure they will receive from private party or pay additional $30 for my FFL to sh
  6. Thanks MM, but the need has passed. Found an alternative.
  7. Great. I will PM you after I ship and know the cost.
  8. FREE .410 ammunition. Just pay UPS shipping. I have: Five (5) Winchester hollow point slugs Five (5) 2.5" #6 shot One (1) 3" #4 shot. Maybe someone can use these. The slugs alone are pretty pricey now.
  9. Like heading says, need a few .444 cases for a project. Fabricating ramrod pipes for a muzzleloader.
  10. Sam: I wear a large shirt and typically 34" waist pants. The best way to compare, and this is what I did when I bought them, is to take clothes that fit you and measure the same points I described laying flat on the floor. For the shirt, you want one that is a little roomier than your typical work or dress shirt.
  11. Was originally 16, but same action used on the 12 gauge guns. Same basic barrels, too.
  12. Yep! Time to sell high. Hey, it's the Free Market. I made good money off so-so ARs both times Obama was elected and then picked up good deals when the panic died down.
  13. I have a Husqvarna Model 51. Solid working man's sxs and built like a tank. Several SASS folks use them.
  14. SOLD Any buckskinners out there? Selling some extra buckskins. I went on a binge. These are light color buckskins. All measurements taken with garments laying flat and smooth on the floor. Shirt is 22" pit to pit, 19 1/2" shoulder seam to shoulder seam and 19 1/2" sleeves. 31" LOA. The pants measure 18" inside laid flat. Inseam is 28". They are 41" LOA. Interestingly, they have front slit pockets. Maybe not authentic, but handy! I am 5'6" and 160#. The pants are loose in waist, but everything else fits fine. These were machine sewn. Some light staining and honest wear. No damage. How about $37
  15. SOLD The Model 100 was one of Husqvarna's higher end SxS. This 12 GAUGE was manufactured in 1937. It has approximately 85% finish (old reblue) and no pitting. Bores in the 29.5" barrels would rate Good + with some light pitting. Chokes are both Modified. I believe chambers are 2.5". Would be willing to team to 2.75" for an additional $25. The frame has some nice engraving and stippling. Lockup is tight. Stocks are very good, with minimal handling marks. Forearm and wrist are checkered and grip has a horn cap. LOP is 14". Very nice gun, but duplicate quality in my collection. Asking $600 SHIPPE
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