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  1. I agree with Gateway Kid, $500-600 each is reasonable. They are great pistols and you will never wear one out.
  2. Here is the picture "Jose" sent of the Dillon press and extra items he is selling. All this for $650 shipped. What a deal!
  3. That Jose must have a warehouse full, he has a Dillon XL750 to sell too.
  4. Before I buy one from Dillon or elsewhere I thought I would check here to see if one might be available. I have an XL750 but I think the XL650 is the same. I would also be interested in some cartridge conversion kits such as 9mm, 45 ACP, etc. I am changing over from a Square Deal press and need stuff for the new press. Thank you kindly!
  5. If you can find a Long Hunter rig from Kirkpatrick you will really like it. I've had mine for about 10 years and it still looks great. Kirkpatrick makes top notch gear.
  6. An update on Dillon's wait time. The website is wrong or maybe I got lucky but, I ordered my press on Tuesday the 27th, it shipped on Wednesday the 28th and I am scheduled for delivery on Friday the 30th. Yee haw!
  7. Thanks for the advice guys! I ordered one last night from Dillon Precision. A little bit of a wait but hopefully not too bad.
  8. I would like to find a Dillon XL 750 , preferably set up for .223. but will take what I can get. Case feeder a plus.
  9. Let me know if you get more large primer .45 ACP brass please.
  10. You got it Injun Ryder! Yes, during the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1994-2004, no magazines could be made with a capacity of more than 10 rounds. As this Thompson was made during that time period, the drum magazine was limited to 10 rounds. The stick magazines were made prior to this time so they hold more rounds.
  11. I have for sale my Auto Ordnance 1927A1 "Tommy Gun" with original soft case, 10 round Clinton-era drum magazine, 4 stick mags, pistol grip forend, straight grip forend, third hand device and owner's manual. I doubt it's been fired more than 50 times, I bought it in 2002 or so. I would like $1,200 shipped. Thanks!
  12. Looking for a Desert Eagle 50 cal. Any finish and barrel length. Don't need a perfect one, just a good shooter. Thanks pards!
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