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  1. After about 10 years of shooting, my lever spring was just as stiff as new. I ordered custom lighter spring which eased the lever opening pressure but then recoil of the first shell fired would reset the safety before I could fire second shell. Tried to tighten up safety mechanism to no avail. Finally cut rod to remove auto safety function but retain manual safety if needed. Since I only shoot this gun at matches and do not loan out to non-cowboy shooters it was a compromise I can live with.
  2. I use Go-Jo gritty hand cleaner on a 45 C mop and use a portable drill to polish cylinders. At the unloading table I just rotate cylinder. tip barrel up and the spent shells fall out, no ejector rod needed (unless a split case).
  3. Just purchased some new Starline 45 Colt brass. Before loading for the first time do I need to chamfer the case mouth edges to facilitate seating bullets? Inside and/ outside? Thanks.
  4. I hit seven out of eight long distance targets at Comancheria Days with my Uberti 38/55 high-wall with double set triggers and peep sight. Missed the Quigley bucket by an inch, I am told.
  5. As a side benefit the Ranger Point extractor throws spent brass more to the side than the original extractor which threw it forward.. I used to lose a lot of brass down range but now the pickers can find a lot more of it.
  6. When checking firing pins for mushrooming, you should check the end of the firing pin that is hit by the hammer. The end that strikes the primer is not where the mushrooming occurs. I thought it was until someone told me differently. Also, the mushrooming is very slight, not readily apparent.
  7. SaukValley Sam SASS 66557 Live in San Antonio, Texas but originally form New Bedford, Illinois. Shooting CAS for 12 years.
  8. Not only breathing issues but sunscreen and chap-stick as well. I forgot about how much more intense the sun light is at that altitude. Had to make a late night run to WallyWorld to find some.
  9. When I started CAS 10 years ago I used AmmoDirect on-line to purchase and reload ammo. They used Top Brass for 45 Colt. I still have a lot of that brass left (AmmoDirect not currently reloading) and still use it for pistol loads. I do use Starline 45 Colt brass for my hot cowboy loads in my Marlin 94 rifle.
  10. Then Dern said "but they'll love me in Berkley!". Also paraphrasing)
  11. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your you-tube videos. SaukValley Sam

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