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  1. Billy Joel lyrics in The Piano Man : "He's talking with Davey, who's still in the Navy, and probably will be for life."
  2. Here is my HF cart. Works great but if you put a lot of ammo in the accessory box on back it can get a little top heavy. specially if you have the long guns out for use. I carry spare ammo in bottom of the cart to keep center of gravity low. Pneumatic wheels are great, even on uneven rocky terrain. But the tires and tubes that come with it are poor quality and don't weather well. I replaced spoke liners, tubes and tires with quality replacements from eBay and resolved that issue.
  3. My Marlin Cowboy Special 45 Colt used to throw brass way downrange. After replacing the leaf spring extractor with the coil spring extractor it now throws more to the side. Getting more brass back from pickers now.
  4. When the first Datsun Z-240 came out I was an Airman in Tucson AZ. Went to the dealer and asked what would be the all cash price. He pointed at the window sticker and said "that's it, we could sell to other dealers at a big mark-up but we want to get some of these on road in Tucson". They really were neat looking cars.
  5. Was re-watching the second NCIS episode where Ziva returns. The character Gibbs, after his father died, started using his late father's 1911 instead of the federal issued plastic gun from before. Thought this was nice touch, then tonight I see him clearing a house with his 1911 out but with hammer down. Then at the end after the big shootout his hammer is still down right after his last shot. Where is their weapons technical adviser?
  6. SaukValley Sam SASS 66557 Live in San Antonio, Texas but originally form New Bedford, Illinois. Shooting CAS for 12 years.
  7. Not only breathing issues but sunscreen and chap-stick as well. I forgot about how much more intense the sun light is at that altitude. Had to make a late night run to WallyWorld to find some.
  8. When I started CAS 10 years ago I used AmmoDirect on-line to purchase and reload ammo. They used Top Brass for 45 Colt. I still have a lot of that brass left (AmmoDirect not currently reloading) and still use it for pistol loads. I do use Starline 45 Colt brass for my hot cowboy loads in my Marlin 94 rifle.
  9. Then Dern said "but they'll love me in Berkley!". Also paraphrasing)
  10. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your you-tube videos. SaukValley Sam

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