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  1. I always enjoy your insite and twist on things. Keep it coming pard.


  2. Since there are no comments as yet, let me add one. Always good to see you and your lovely bride when I come down to your neck of the woods for the winter and I look forward to seeing you soon....KK

  3. Widder; You need to erase some of your pm's. You account is full. I just wanted to tell you that I pm'd Shadai that I won't be able to go to the Kentucky shoot. Kay is not up to making the 5 hour drive and asked me if we could not go. I'll be making some difficult choices this year, but her health is going to dictate what I do and where I do it.


  4. SI; I just heard from Boss Outlaw and he has switched to Frontier Cart. Duelist. He was originally going to shoot something along that line, but Hundred X isn't going to be able to shoot due to his shoulder. You might talk to him and if you guys want to we'll make it happen. Look forward to seeing you.


  5. My wife's email is "Kaylotta@msn.com". Hope all is well with you and family. I'm startin to get back to 100%, but it is still slow. I don't get as tired as I did and there doesn't seem to be any residual effects. In short, I am one lucky dude.

    Continue the prayers if you would as I am always in need with my reputation....lol.


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