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  1. Persimmon Dan/ Murphy Gun Leather in Indiana. 

    Dan is one of the nicest guys you could deal with and makes beautiful rigs. The rig will be custom made to fit you. He will ensure you have the correct drop, degree of tilt, bump out ect…to fit your draw and re holster style.  I will send you his contact info. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Will Burn Powder said:

    I have had mine on order at Starline for over 3 months still waiting. Had to use case trimmer and make 100 out of 45’s for now. Scarce as primers it seems. 

    Thought I would try here first before I started cutting. Know it’s kinda a long shot. 

  3. Sent a email to Wolff yesterday, got a response back today. They acknowledge that there is a problem with a batch of 30oz trigger springs. 
    Wanted shipping address and will send replacements when the have a new lot manufactured. 


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  4. I bought a couple of Wolff  3 spring kits from midway 2 weeks ago. Had the same problem you described, trigger pull was a lot heavier. Kept thinking I was installing wrong. Finally gave up and put another set in, worked fine. 


  5. Cowboys & Indian, 

    SPF.  3rd gen SS links and lifter. 
    these came out of a build by C&I several years ago. I upgraded to a shorter set, these are know longer needed.  $100 shipped. 

    SPF. second is a C&I aluminum carrier, small caliber. This was test fitted only, went with a brass skeleton instead. 
    $50 shipped. 
    first I’ll take it wins. 


  6. Nephew is interested in trying out cowboy shooting. I have been able to piece together everything except a shotgun belt.   He measures at 33” to center hole.  Anyone got a old web or something similar laying around close to that size.  12 gauge. Not looking for the latest speed rig, just something to get him started.  
    Thanks, LF 

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