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  1. Do you mean, do we still have guns in Canada?  If that's what your asking, of course we do.  I can order a long gun or a handgun on the internet.  It's in my hands within 2 days by courier or 4 or 5 days by mail.  Handguns must be registered and can be done over the phone with the Provincial Firearms Officer's office.  Legal long guns have no restrictions and I can have one or more in my truck any time as long as it is unloaded. 


    To sell a long gun by mail, all that is required of the seller is that you have to verify that the buyer has a firearms license and, that is done by calling the Firearms Office to verify that the buyer has a valid one. 


    If you are buying or selling a long gun face to face the buyer just has to show the seller his/her Firearms License and the deal is done.  The only difference between Canada and the U.S. is that we cannot carry handguns, except to and from a range, gunsmith, gun show or a border crossing but, then, we don't have the crime rate that you do in the U.S.  I'm not afraid to walk anywhere in Canada unarmed.


    I can walk into Cabelas and walk out with more than one long gun or  registered handguns within 15/20 minutes (can't do that in California).


    Is that what you were asking? 

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