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  1. Well pooh! Got my membership packet in the mail today and they spelled my new alias wrong! And of course it arrived after they were closed for the weekend. Guess I'll be Gallows Hughs Moore 'til Monday!
  2. Thank you all for the welcome back and a big THANK YOU to Allie Mo for fixing me up!
  3. I just rejoined SASS and changed my alias. How do I change my log in name to be my new alias on here?
  4. Sorry about that. I have wanted one for a long time and just couldn't pass it up
  5. Picked up the Henry from my dealer this afternoon. The scratches on the side don't show up as well as the photograph.
  6. It might be just me but if you are not selling anything I don't see how you could be a merchant.? I guess you might upset some people that are selling the service you are doing for free maybe?
  7. I know the hammerless guns are OK for the ctagory but they just don't look right with the cap guns I will be toting
  8. After I get an action job on my 1860 Armys I will be in need of an appropriate mule eared shotgun. I will be shooting an 1860 Henry rifle along with the C&B revolvers so want to stay as period correct as possible. Would a Cimmaron copy of the Colt double barrel be appropriate? Again I am going for style over speed and maximum fun factor and I like lots of smoke! I already have plenty of brass 2 1/2 inch shells and lots of real black powder!
  9. I went with COSTCO's Kirkland brand and they have been a God send. I knew I was missing out but not how much. The first time I wore them at home I had to ask my wife if the dogs were always so loud walking across the hardwood floor. I had never heard their nails clicking as they walked. I also bought a little device that plugs into the TV and sends signals direct to the hearing aids and I can adjust the volume on the aids and not bother everyone else in the house, I can mute the TV's master volume and still hear through the aids.
  10. That is what I was thinking. I see you can pick one up for under $200 from Simpsons and then have the barrel chopped and if I don't like it I won't be out much. I am going for "style points" over speed!
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I think I have figured out who to tune them. I saw in one of your posts you had a Husqvarna 20B shotgun, how do you like the way it opens?
  12. I will probably run the Henry as is for now and see how much I like it before changing. I m going more for style points than trying to be a speed demon. As for the cap guns I just don't want to have to fiddle with a jammed up gun due to a cap falling into the works. I did play with some stock 1860s a while back and remember how much a pain it was when that happened or how much it hurt when a cap fell in between your hand and the grip!
  13. I will be shooting black powder only. The smokeless stuff will never catch on.
  14. I have a pair of Pietta 1860s with the 5 1/2 inch barrels and will soon have a Navy Arms 1860 Henry .45 Colt that will be my main guns. Who is the best person to have "optimize" the revolvers for reliability with BP? What about the rifle? Would it be possible (or a big pain in the patuty) to sleeve the barrel of the rifle for .44-40 or even .44 Colt?
  15. http://www.ktpguns.com/firearm.php?gid=1036381&manufacturer=any&caliber=38+SPL&action=any&model=any&sort=Manufacturer&sortdir=asc&searchdata=&SeeAll= I have bought many guns from here and they are great to deal with. They will send very good pics if you ask them for them. I had pics of this one but deleted them when I decided to go regular C&B and if I remember correctly this one looked good.
  16. Thanks for the link! I am definitely thinking about going with the 1870 Henry for my main rifle! A copy of a Colt 1878 or some other rabbit eared shotgun will have to suffice for belching forth great clouds of target obscuring smoke! I stil have all my old brass shotgun shells and enough black powder to put me on Homeland Security's watch list. I could always try a Trapdoor Forager shotgun and have really slow reloads!
  17. A Confederate cavalry officer's uniform just looks cool even if the flaps slow me down
  18. I think at this stage in my life I am more into style points than speed!
  19. Just getting back into cowboy shooting after a few years hiatus and will be shooting Pietta 1860s. I shot them before dropping out for a while and used a regular western style rig. I will be using some 5.5 inch barreled versions mainly but also want to use a pair of 8 inch barreled models and was thinking about going with a cavalry theme with them. I was thinking about using the full flap holsters carried butt forward for that semi authentic look (since it is 2 holsters instead of 1). Do any of you use this setup?
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