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  1. I've used rebar when starting out also after reading an article on shooting steel and splash back or splatter I can see the concern for some ranges that use wide berms and more than one stage on a berm because believe it or not splatter can be focused since it is going off at an angle to what ever the lead hits.  It's a predictable angle something in the neighborhood of 35 degrees from the surface that's why if you look at the plates that are angled down you'll normally see a trough of lead in front of it parallel to the soggy line or it heads off to the side berm that's why sass recommends the targets placed parallel to the line not facing the shooter if they are not in line with the target the lead will bounce off at a shallower angle this way still hitting the side berm.  I've only shot one place that I recall that didn't use berms of any kind. That range was on a private ranch and was part of a section of land owned by the landowner and on match days the livestock was moved to a clear area along with the workers from what I saw.

  2. If some one needs to borrow them I have a pair or roas blue 5,5" barrels and a h&r handi rifle in 38-55 if some one wants to shoot plainsman be sure to contact me so we can work out the details.

  3. I bought a grand once they were a little harder than the ones I was use to but worked fine I wish I could remember where I got them it was a cas bullet supplier out of Alabama iirc.

  4. I have a outfit from Coon creek but the pants are two large more in the range of 46-48. The belt isnt a problem since they are adjustable. Kept is worn look, saddler Sgt strips on the blouse the blue pull over you never put strips on them as that's a Hollywood thing, have a holster couple different saber rigs plus a NCO saber Hat covered, if you want I have a vest that you can wear under the blouse or you can go with the pull over shirt. If you go the vest and blouse route a pain earth tone shirt of your choosing will work I wore white most of the time.suspenders white canvas prefered, pants large with NCO stripes. So that leaves your footware it depends on which way your going campaign or in garrison. Pull over shirt is campaign and vest and blouse is in garrison. In garrison footware would be laceup boots under pants leg campaign woulgd be knee length boots with pants tucked in. Also have a hunting knife that was issued during the Indian war era. Remember back then most still had parts of the federal uniform of the civil war only the recruits got full issue on new item if they were lucky.

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  5. Go to you local match asap don't worry about not having the gear. Go help out tell them your interested in joining ion on the fun learn help out and after the match I'll bet they LGBT you try out most of the stuff they have plus you'll see how the match works without having to worry about shooting the wrong thing. My first match I had two goals first not to shooting anything that wasn't a target and second not to be dqed.

  6. I really like shooting the Remington 220 gr 300blackout subsonic ammo. I been having problems finding it locally and are getting enough empty brass laying around that I need to start reloading it. At one time I had the data for that load but I can't find it right now and remember the powder was a commercial blend so I would have to find something else to use in its place. That the question what are you guys using for powder in you subsonic 220. Gn ammo?

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