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  1. Dropped it in the mail for AJ so to speak yesterday. Adios Sgt. Jake
  2. Dick Dastardly 's web site. http://www.biglube.com/ I'll second that sentiment.
  3. Howdy Slowhand and Dawg I happen to know the location of AJ's Barnstormer mould and also know that AJ's willing to part with it. AJ had it produced to function in a Master Caster and as Bob mentioned. It doesn't require a incantation to work but consistent timing of the pour and refill along with temperature control and she hums along happily,making piles of the little 125 gr. Barnstormers aka the shuttlecock. It was produced by a talented fellow name of Eric ,made of brass and below I will include his link. http://www.hollowpointmold.com/ This discussion reminds me I need to give AJ a shout,I miss not seeing him often but still gab for hours on the wireless telegraph. Adios Sgt. Jake
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